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  • Creation of INESC Norte located in Porto with the Universities of Porto and Aveiro

  • Project SIFO

    first service system integrated with optical fibres in Portugal

  • Creation of INESC Aveiro integrated in INESC Norte

  • Beginning of the modernisation of Information Systems in Public Administration

  • U.Minho joins INESC Norte

  • First spin-off


  • Beginning of collaboration with the EDP

    Graphics software GRADES revolutionises network representation

  • Internationalisation

    Beginning of participation in European projects (RACE and ESPRIT)

  • Telemedicine

    First experience in Portugal (Santo António Hospital with INESC Aveiro)

  • First interaction with the footwear sector

    Computerised logistics system for seam sections

  • Contract with NEC (Japan)

    Development of equipment for digital access network

  • Project Factory of the Future

    Modernisation of SMEs in the footwear industry

  • Collaboration protocol between INESC Norte and APDL

  • INESC Norte earns classification of Very Good

    from the FCT after an evaluation from an international panel

  • Beginning of collaboration with EFACEC

    DMS is presently installed in 4 continents

  • INESC Norte becomes autonomous

    Creation of INESC Porto

  • INESC Porto receives classification of Excellent from the FCT

  • Contract with the BBC

    Development of an IT-based digital TV studio

  • First environmental monitoring project

    Optical fibre sensors measure temperature and salinity at Ria de Aveiro

  • INESC Porto is declared a Public Interest institution

  • INESC Porto obtains the statute of Associate Laboratory

  • New facilities at FEUP Campus, Asprela

  • Structural monitoring

    Load tests at D. Luís Bridge using optical sensors

  • Creation of spin-off FiberSensing

    One of the world leaders in optical sensing technology

  • IPP becomes an INESC Porto associate

  • Project FATEC - High-Tech Factory for the Footwear Industry

    New technological solutions for the footwear industry’s value chain

  • Expansion of the Associate Laboratory

    INESC Porto brings in new R&D Centres as Associate Units

  • Contract with the US Department of Energy

    Solutions for wind power forecasting

  • Project ESA-ONE with the European Space Agency

    Monitoring gases in the atmosphere

  • Collaborative platform to create and discuss Spatial Planning in Portugal

  • Underwater monitoring robot exported to Brazil

  • ‘Novo Norte’ CCDR-N Award

    INESC TEC receives ‘Norte Inovador’ Award

  • The name of the Associate Laboratory becomes INESC TEC

    U.Minho becomes privileged partner

  • Expansion to Latin America

    Creation of INESC P&D Brasil

  • INESC TEC brings together universities in the North of Portugal to form a solid research network

    UTAD becomes new privileged partner

  • Laboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

  • Industrial Robotics

    Robotic manipulator programmed by demonstration installed in industry

  • Classification of Excellent renewed by the FCT

  • Participation in the definition of European strategies

    Coordination of the Manufuture European Platform

  • Programme-contract with the EDP Group

    Joint projects in the fields of renewable energies, smart grids, electric vehicles and electricity markets

  • Programme-contract with Kyaia

    Joint projects in planning and logistics, supply chain management, product customisation, production organisation and business management systems

  • Programme-contract with Biodevices

    Joint products in the fields of biomedical engineering and wearable technologies

  • Special partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança

  • Creation of the spin-off LTPLabs

    Analytical methodologies to provide management consulting services to companies

  • Special partnership with Aberta University

  • Renovation of the collaboration protocol between INESC TEC and the APDL

  • Creation of FABTEC

    Laboratory of Processes and Technologies for Advanced Manufacturing Systems

  • Creation of the spin-off MITMYNID

    Interoperable logistics platforms to offer door-to-door collaborative services

  • Multisensory Virtual Environment Laboratory

  • Coordination of CoLAB ForestWISE

    Collaborative Laboratory for Integrated Forest & Fire Wise Management

  • Recognised as Interface Centre (CIT) by the Ministry of Economy

    CIT centres aim to bring science, technology and economy together, ensuring the support to companies in the diffusion and transfer of technology, and in the development, qualification and internationalisation

  • The University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro and the University of Minho became associates of INESC TEC

  • iiLab – Industry and Innovation Lab

  • INESC TEC is one of the top five Portuguese organisations in participation in H2020

  • INESC TEC is one of the top five Portuguese applicants to European patents

    Four patents were granted in the U.S.A., Japan, China, and Europe.