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  • Creation of INESC Norte located in Porto with the Universities of Porto and Aveiro

  • Project SIFO

    first service system integrated with optical fibres in Portugal

  • Creation of INESC Aveiro integrated in INESC Norte

  • Beginning of the modernisation of Information Systems in Public Administration

  • U.Minho joins INESC Norte

  • First spin-off


  • Beginning of collaboration with the EDP

    Graphics software GRADES revolutionises network representation

  • Internationalisation

    Beginning of participation in European projects (RACE and ESPRIT)

  • Telemedicine

    First experience in Portugal (Santo António Hospital with INESC Aveiro)

  • First interaction with the footwear sector

    Computerised logistics system for seam sections

  • Contract with NEC (Japan)

    Development of equipment for digital access network

  • Project Factory of the Future

    Modernisation of SMEs in the footwear industry

  • Collaboration protocol between INESC Norte and APDL

  • INESC Norte earns classification of Very Good

    from the FCT after an evaluation from an international panel

  • Beginning of collaboration with EFACEC

    DMS is presently installed in 4 continents

  • INESC Norte becomes autonomous

    Creation of INESC Porto

  • INESC Porto receives classification of Excellent from the FCT

  • Contract with the BBC

    Development of an IT-based digital TV studio

  • First environmental monitoring project

    Optical fibre sensors measure temperature and salinity at Ria de Aveiro

  • INESC Porto is declared a Public Interest institution

  • INESC Porto obtains the statute of Associate Laboratory

  • New facilities at FEUP Campus, Asprela

  • Structural monitoring

    Load tests at D. Luís Bridge using optical sensors

  • Creation of spin-off FiberSensing

    One of the world leaders in optical sensing technology

  • IPP becomes an INESC Porto associate

  • Project FATEC - High-Tech Factory for the Footwear Industry

    New technological solutions for the footwear industry’s value chain

  • Expansion of the Associate Laboratory

    INESC Porto brings in new R&D Centres as Associate Units

  • Contract with the US Department of Energy

    Solutions for wind power forecasting

  • Project ESA-ONE with the European Space Agency

    Monitoring gases in the atmosphere

  • Collaborative platform to create and discuss Spatial Planning in Portugal

  • Underwater monitoring robot exported to Brazil

  • ‘Novo Norte’ CCDR-N Award

    INESC TEC receives ‘Norte Inovador’ Award

  • The name of the Associate Laboratory becomes INESC TEC

    U.Minho becomes privileged partner

  • Expansion to Latin America

    Creation of INESC P&D Brasil

  • INESC TEC brings together universities in the North of Portugal to form a solid research network

    UTAD becomes new privileged partner

  • Laboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

  • Industrial Robotics

    Robotic manipulator programmed by demonstration installed in industry

  • Classification of Excellent renewed by the FCT

  • Participation in the definition of European strategies

    Coordination of the Manufuture European Platform

  • Programme-contract with the EDP Group

    Joint projects in the fields of renewable energies, smart grids, electric vehicles and electricity markets

  • Programme-contract with Kyaia

    Joint projects in planning and logistics, supply chain management, product customisation, production organisation and business management systems

  • Programme-contract with Biodevices

    Joint products in the fields of biomedical engineering and wearable technologies

  • Special partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança

  • Creation of the spin-off LTPLabs

    Analytical methodologies to provide management consulting services to companies

  • Special partnership with Aberta University

  • Renovation of the collaboration protocol between INESC TEC and the APDL

  • Creation of FABTEC

    Laboratory of Processes and Technologies for Advanced Manufacturing Systems

  • Creation of the spin-off MITMYNID

    Interoperable logistics platforms to offer door-to-door collaborative services

  • Multisensory Virtual Environment Laboratory