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The General Council of INESC TEC is an associative statutory body where INESC TEC’s associates are represented, namely the University of Porto, the Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers, the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, the University of Minho and the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro.

The General Council generally meets twice a year: once to discuss and vote on the report, accounts and evaluation of the Fiscal Council regarding the previous year, and another to approve the plan and budget for the following year.

The General Council of INESC TEC is responsible for electing and dissolving the General Council Committee, the Administrative Board and the Fiscal Council; electing the members of the Scientific Council, Scientific Advisory Board and Business Advisory Board; assessing and voting on the report and accounts; and assessing and voting on the annual and/or multiannual investment plans, annual budget and supplementary budget, if any, and on the activity plan.



Members appointed by the University of Porto:

1) António Manuel de Sousa Pereira (Rector of U. Porto);

2) António da Silva Cardoso (Vice-Rector of U. Porto)

3) Pedro Nuno Simões Rodrigues (Vice-Rector of U. Porto)

4) Joana Resende (Pro-Rector of U. Porto)

5) Maria Manuela Feijão Ehrhardt Soares Salinas de Moura (Magellan Association)

6) Ana Cristina Moreira Freire (Dean of FCUP);

7) João Bernardo de Sena Esteves Falcão e Cunha (Dean of FEUP);

8) Ana Maria Rodrigues de Sousa Faria de Mendonça (Sub-dean of FEUP)

9) António Joaquim Mendes Ferreira (Vice-President of the Scientific Board at FEUP);

10) José Manuel Janeira Varejão (Dean of FEP).


Members appointed by INESC:

1) Arlindo Manuel Limede de Oliveira (President of the Board of Directors and President of the Executive Board of INESC)

2) Abílio Ançã Henriques (Member of the Board of Directors and Member of the Executive Board of INESC)

3) Pedro Henrique Henriques Guedes de Oliveira (Member of the Board of Directors and Member of the Executive Board of INESC)

4) Maria Teresa Mendes Barbosa da Costa Salema (Member of the Board of Directors of INESC)

5) Leonel Augusto Pires Seabra de Sousa (Member of the Board of Directors of INESC)


Members appointed by P.Porto:

1) João Manuel Simões da Rocha (President of P.Porto)

2) Maria João Viamonte (President of ISEP)


Member appointed by UTAD:

1) Emídio Ferreira dos Santos Gomes (Reitor da UTAD)


Member appointed by UM:

1) Rui Manuel Costa Vieira de Castro (Rector of U.Minho)