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International Relations Service

A stepping-stone to the professionalization of internationalization support activities at INESC TEC, the International Relations Service (SRI) was established in the fourth quarter of 2019 to support the Board of Directors (BoD) in the conception, implementation and monitoring of the organisation’s overall internationalisation strategy.  The support provided by the service, which reports directly to the BoD, intends to be manifold and to bring new breadth and depth to INESC TEC’s commitment to active global presence. SRI’s activities spread across three operational areas

International Cooperation: This area encompasses working closely with the BoD to identify and develop new or strengthen existing international institutional partnerships; reviewing, assessing (proposals for) and monitoring overarching international partnership agreements, commonly designated as Memoranda of Understanding; liaise with external contacts to prospect relevant internationalization opportunities aligned with INESC TEC’s competencies, assets and priorities; manage international S&T partnerships on behalf of third parties | International Mobility: This area includes both the induction of foreign staff and the assistance to staff wishing to spend some time abroad in a host organization with the purpose of acquiring new knowledge, forging new research collaborations, conducting and / or participating in lectures or courses or taking part in joint research activities | International Culture: This area involves activities aimed at embedding internationalization in the organization’s mindset and valuing cultural diversity. The service also works to educate Centers / TEC4s and Clusters to keep the records of their international activities up-to-date for monitoring, reporting and profile-raising purposes.

The SRI accommodates the current three INESC TEC’s international-oriented offices (Brazil, India and Brussels). The offices rely on the processes and procedures that delimitate the SRI’s operational areas, while benefiting from a backup team in Portugal that should allow them to keep focused on the prospection and development of strategic partnering opportunities in their addressed markets. The leadership of these offices reports directly to INESC TEC’s BoD in relation to strategic matters regarding performance in such markets, not to the SRI.