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Desenvolvimento de uma aplicação Informática que quantifique os ressarcimentos por cortes na produção dos parques eólicos durante a gestão do sistema elétrico da Ilha Terceira

The Wind_curteil_soft project aimed to develop a software, in which, through the operation rules of the Terceira Island's (Azores) power system, performs the scheduling/dispatch of the conventional thermal groups for each period of 15 minutes over 24 hours depending on the evolution of the loading diagram, the wind speed measured in wind farms, the production of other renewable sources and of the constraints related to the use of thermal groups. The developed optimisation algorithm intends to maximise the wind power used in each period of time (15 minutes), considering the specified security criteria, namely the need to ensure the appropriate levels of the spinning reserve. Based on the obtained results, the software allows to estimate the electrical energy that is not produced by wind farms of this power system.



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    12th May 2016
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Power and Energy Systems