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3GEnergy - Sistema Integrado de Gestão de Energia e Manutenção

The 3Genergy project aims to create a highly innovative global energy efficiency management platform, targeting medium and large facilities in both the industry and service sectors, and that will allow managing energy in a multi-functional, multi-level, multi-energy, multi-facility, multi-geography, multi-contract and multi-technology perspective. This platform will be built on a number of aspects that characterise the development of energy management systems, such as the use of energy resources to control the carbon footprint or the monitoring of consumption and equipment in real time in an intelligent way. Another characteristics to be taken into account in this work is the assessment of consumption of devices in relation to the potential impact of investments in energy efficiency and the active involvement of all employees in the effort of efficiency improvement. In the end, the platform should be able to integrate advanced energy management systems with other management systems (maintenance, quality, environment, production), being accessible through different environments (web, cloud, mobile).   Project Datasheet



  • Acronym

  • Start

    01st September 2016
  • Global Budget

    480.731,00 €
  • State

  • Effective End

    30th September 2018
  • End

    31st August 2018
  • Responsible

    António Lucas Soares
  • Financing

    163.341,80 €

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Enterprise Systems Engineering