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I am Brazilian and I completed the "Bachelor's Degree in Librarianship and Information Science", by the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), in São Carlos, from 1999-2003.

I completed the "Specialization Course in Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence" (MBKM), at the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute (COPPE), at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), in Rio de Janeiro, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Prof. Paulo Josef Hirsch, in the 2009-2010 period. I defended the dissertation "Knowledge Management applied to Business Security".

I completed the "Master's Degree course in Information Science", at the Brazilian Institute of Information, Science and Technology (IBICT), at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), in Rio de Janeiro, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Marcos do Couto Bezerra Cavalcanti, in the period of 2012-2014. I defended the dissertation "Business Knowledge Networks: A Case Study on the Knowledge Communities of a Brazilian Multinational Company".

Professionally, I was a trainee at Munchener Ruck Brasil, where I worked in the organization of the project archive, in São Paulo, in 2002, and Embraer, where I worked at the Technical Section of the Environmental and Interior Systems Projects Section, In São José dos Campos, in 2003.

I worked  as chief librarian of the Technical Collection of the Aeronautical Certification Division of the Institute of Industrial Development and Coordination (IFI), the Aerospace Technical Center (CTA), the Brazilian Air Force, in São José dos Campos, from 2003-2006.

I served the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) as a military officer as 1st Lieutenant's patent, for 5 years. Initially, I completed the Temporary Officers Adaptation Internship (EAOT), at Aeronautics Instruction and Adaptation Center (CIAAR), in Belo Horizonte, in 2006.

After basic military training, I was chief librarian at the University of the Air Force Library (UNIFA) of the Brazilian Air Force, in Rio de Janeiro, in the period 2006-2011. I was also invited to teach the subject "Standardization of Academic Works", to  "Aerospace Policy and Strategies Course" (CPEA) and "Command and General Staff Course of the Aeronautics" (CCEM) at  Aeronautical Command and Staff of the Air Force (ECEMAR) of Rio de Janeiro, from 2006-2014.

During the period in which I was a military officer, I also conducted the "Teacher Preparation Course" (CPI), at the Aeronautical Specialized Instruction Center (CIEAR), in Rio de Janeiro, in 2007. This course is A basic requirement to become an instructor of courses and lectures in the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

Currently, I am PhD Candidate at the "Doctoral Program on Information and Communication in Digital Platforms" (ICPD), taught in partnership by the Department of Communication and Art (DECA), University of Aveiro (UA), and Faculty of Letters (FLUP). University of Porto (UP), under the guidance of Prof. Dr. António Lucas Soares. The focus of my research is on Collaborative Networks domain. Also, I am working at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), as member of the "Library and Information System of UFRJ" (Sibi), in Rio de Janeiro; and INESC TEC at Center for Engineering and Business Systems (CESE) and Brazil Office (GB), as scholarship researcher.



  • Name

    Solange Mazzaroto
  • Cluster

    Industry and Innovation
  • Role

    Science and Technology Management Grant Holder
  • Since

    25th September 2014


Knowledge Sharing in Industrial Associations and Science and Technology Parks

Inomata, DO; Costa, E; Mazzaroto, S; Santos, C; Barros, AC; Soares, AL; Varvakis, G;


Knowledge management practices are used in collaborative networks promoting innovation in order to share critical knowledge among network members towards improving organizational results. This paper proposes to explore the channels and practices for knowledge sharing in collaborative networks, by means of an exploratory multiple case study carried out in two types of collaborative networks: (i) industrial associations; and (ii) science and technology parks. Empirical evidence has been collected from interviews with managers of the collaborative networks and of organizations participating in the collaborative networks. The contribution of this paper to the knowledge management literature is twofold: (i) it provides a characterization of the channels and technology used for knowledge sharing in collaborative networks based on empirical evidence and (ii) it describes knowledge sharing practices used among organizations to foster new forms of connectivity between groups and individuals.


Open Inclusive Fashion: New Insights for a Co-design Platform

Soares, AL; Costa, E; Mazzaroto, S; Carvalho, M; Allen, D; Wachowski, K; Gehl, E; Barreau, V; Nguembock, D; Ferreira, FN;


This paper intends to propose a platform dedicated to a community for inclusive fashion. This platform can innovate in the awareness creation process by involving a wide range of stakeholders through a novel combination of visually-centered networking/collaboration together with a powerful recommendation system based on data analytics. This solution can potentially impact positively the well-being of more than 50 million of motor/physical disabled citizens as consumers of fashion products. This can be achieved by bringing together three different networks: (i) fashion consumers, emphasizing consumers with disabilities; (ii) companies from fashion/garment/footwear industry; (iii) social and research organizations supporting disabled people. This will allow to create individual and collective awareness about sustainability at the social level demanding the engagement of groups of citizens and industries in sharing information and knowledge and developing ideas and solutions for people with disabilities facing problems related to fashion, garment and footwear products and services.