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    Micael Filipe Simões
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    Power and Energy
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    06th December 2017


Predictive Voltage Control: Empowering Domestic Customers With a Key Role in the Active Management of LV Networks

Simoes, M; Madureira, AG;

Applied Sciences

In order to avoid voltage problems derived from the connection of large amounts of renewable-based generation to the electrical distribution system, new advanced tools need to be developed that are able to exploit the presence of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). This paper describes the approach proposed for a predictive voltage control algorithm to be used in Low Voltage (LV) distribution networks in order to make use of available flexibilities from domestic consumers via their Home Energy Management System (HEMS) and more traditional resources from the Distribution System Operator (DSO), such as transformers with On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC) and storage devices. The proposed algorithm—the Low Voltage Control (LVC)—is detailed in this paper. The algorithm was tested through simulation using a real Portuguese LV network and real consumption and generation data, in order to evaluate its performance in preparation for a field-trial validation in a Portuguese smart grids pilot.