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Luís Lima is a senior researcher at the Center for Enterprise Systems Engineering in INESC TEC where he has been working since 2001 with the roles of software architect, software designer and full stack developer. His activity has been oriented towards enterprise systems across multiple domain areas such as Planning & Scheduling, Operations Management, Internal Logistics, Information Systems and several industrial companies from different sectors such as footware, metal tooling, textile, naval engineering, civil construction or chemical. He has experience in conceptualizing and designing software systems with several architecture styles and patterns such as Service-Oriented Architectures, Client-Server, Distributed Systems, Microservices, Serverless Computing (FaaS), REST or Event-Driven mostly oriented towards enterprise systems. His skills also include administration and design of database systems from relational to NoSQL (Document-oriented, columnar, key-value, graph) or time series databases. He is an advocate of clean code, domain driven design and usage of good software practices and design patterns (namely Enterprise Integration Patterns). He holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering by University of Porto (FEUP). His main current areas of interest are Integrated Planning and Scheduling in the Context of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), System Integration and Software Architecture Styles and Patterns in general.



  • Name

    Luís Lima
  • Role

    External Research Collaborator
  • Since

    02nd May 2000