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Second Startup Accelerator ends with 10 new companies

The second edition of the Startup Porto Accelerator (SPA) programme, under the IN&OUT project, ended in November with more than 150 applications from 14 different countries. In total, INESC TEC supported the creation of 20 new startups in web and mobile areas, with each edition giving rise to 10 new startups.

11th January 2018

Organised by a team of researchers from the Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship of INESC TEC and ANJE - National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, the SPA aims to promote the development of startups with unique technological profiles. It is a 'hands-on' programme, focused on supporting the development of scalable business models.

In the week of 13 to 17 November, ANJE and INESC TEC accompanied the startups selected on a mission to London where they had the opportunity to participate in various networking events and to contact other acceleration programs, namely the accelerator of the University College London (UCL), and deliver a pitch to a panel of AICEP investors and representatives.

Startups from the first edition

Framie - app that aims to promote collecting in the digital world, using photographs and developing a social network. This startup won the Venture Cup Portugal, a competition to distinguish the best university startups, and had the opportunity to participate in the University Startup World Cup in Stockholm.

Gamestars - an online gaming platform that aims to liberalise the professionalisation of gaming around the world, allowing any player to make money playing video games.

Promptly - combines technology with real information produced by patients in the postoperative period. Has the Health Cluster Portugal as a partner and is already in pilot tests in the ‘Centro Hospitalar do Porto’, ‘Hospital São João’, ‘Centro Hospitalar Tâmega e Sousa’ and ‘Hospital Pedro Hispano’.

Sellit - allows you to buy and sell products, with the confidence of knowing the Facebook profile of the buyer or seller.

Xtrendi - online market place that sells technical textiles and accessories.

Infinite Foundry - first cloud platform where the user can design and simulate any product in 3D and visualize the result in a virtual reality environment from the browser.

Scrutinit - enables companies to hire people who represent their target audience to test their goods and services, linking businesses to consumers and thereby transforming user behaviour into knowledge and value for the company.

Cosoftw - develops integrated software for operational management and services. Its main product is CranSyst: a software for the control and management of construction projects, allowing the user to control in real time the progress of the works, regardless of their location.

Flatcrasher - allows tourists to easily find a place to spend the night, take a shower or work, crossing needs with availability.

Bnesis - provides integration software that simplifies the credit application process, allowing the credit institution to analyse payment, bank, e-commerce, credit bureau, and other data using multiple external scoring mechanisms that work simultaneously.

Startups from the second edition

Lumer – smart electric cigarette lighter that charges via mobile phone and monitors the habits of the smoker through an app.

Emotai - helps people manage their emotions more efficiently by monitoring critical thinking skills and ability to focus.

Predict Churn - a predictive analytics platform that collects and translates behavioural data, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, enabling service providers to predict when their customers will do without their services.

Subcultours - reservations platform for experiences with artists, professionals from the creative industries and entrepreneurs. The project is already up and running in Germany and Costa Rica. Portugal is the third country.

Go-ER - a social travel recommendation platform that allows tourists to quickly collect specialised advice for their future trips.

B.Create - a platform that helps beverage companies in product development, estimating sales and reducing the costs associated with the process and the final product.

Top Games - a collaborative agency that brings together mobile game developers to deliver high quality games in a more satisfactory and efficient working environment.

Couch MW - platform for mediation by mental health professionals based on video appointments.

iClimate - provides a new, reliable, effective and advanced weather forecasting mechanism for short-, medium- and long-term periods in order to help institutions and municipalities decide timely on aid to populations.

BeGoodToo - social network for Buddhists.