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INESC TEC tool allows a personalised digital marketing

PushNews - Automated Cross-Channel Orchestration for Content Distribution is the name of the project promoted by the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support (LIAAD) and by the Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE) of INESC TEC that allows digital communication between content producers and consumers to be more effective and efficient.

27th February 2019

In partnership with Adclick, a company in the digital marketing area, this project aimed at increasing the involvement of this company with its communities and audiences in the search for a support that would allow to adapt the message to the interests of the several audiences.

The coordinators of this project were João Vinagre and Rui Rebelo, researchers of LIAAD and of CESE, respectively. “The idea is to get the right message across to the right user, at the right time and through the right means”, explained the researchers. 

So far, the digital marketing campaigns were disclosed in a non-discriminatory way by all subscribers or by using more or less manual segmentation processes, regardless of their personal preferences. With the technology developed by INESC TEC, the subscribers receive personalised content through the most suitable channel and at the most convenient time. This technology should be integrated by Adclick into a tool that will allow its customers to disseminate personalised digital campaigns to the subscribers of their websites.

On INESC TEC's part, methods of Artificial Intelligence were developed, specifically algorithms that combine techniques of automatic recommendation of contents with techniques of natural language processing. These algorithms then select sets from of all subscribers who are most likely to be receptive to each one of the campaigns, based on the text of the ads.

This way, this method can reduce the number of messages sent, maintain the global levels of receptiveness and minimise the number of unsubscriptions.

This individual project, which ended on December 2018, was supported by the Portugal 2020 programme, being totally funded with EUR 439,696.98.


The researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC.