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INESC TEC researchers win Best Application Paper Award

The paper "A Framework for On-Demand Reporting of Cryptocurrency Ownership and Provenance" co-authored by António Pinto, a researcher at the Centre for Advanced Computing Systems (CRACS) and by Pedro Pinto, a researcher at the Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia (CTM) of INESC TEC, received the Best Application Paper Award at the International Congress on Blockchain and Applications (BLOCKCHAIN'20).

21st October 2020

Cryptocurrency wallets do not enable the direct identification of their owners, nor the tracking of the origin of their amounts; moreover, in certain cases, people are required to prove ownership and the source of certain amounts transacted. In this article, the authors António Pinto, Rui Carreira and Pedro Pinto present an innovative solution based on the web, which issues proof of ownership and origin of the amounts of one or more cryptocurrency wallets.

The second edition of BLOCKCHAIN'20 took place online, between October 7 and 9, bringing together blockchain and artificial intelligence researchers.

The INESC TEC researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with ESTG-IPP and ESTG-IPVC.