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INESC TEC organises a workshop on recommender systems and user modelling

A team of researchers of INESC TEC was responsible for the organisation of the first international workshop on incremental models for user recommendation and modelling, entitled ORSUM (Online Recommender Systems and User Modeling). The event was held on 23 April in Lyon, France, under the “The Web Conference 2018”.

14th May 2018

Around 30 researchers participated in the presentation of eight scientific articles of researchers from different countries, specifically USA, Australia, France, Italy, Denmark, China and Portugal. They also attended the presentations of two guest speakers, Frédérique Laforest from the Jean Monnet University - Saint Étienne, France and George Karypis of the University of Minnesota, USA.

The workshop aimed to promote the discussion of recent advances in the development and improvement of algorithms capable of processing continuous data flows to build recommendation models and user profiles of online services, such as music streaming, personalization of graphical user interfaces of websites, hotel recommendations, and adaptation to context variables.

Alípio M. Jorge and João Vinagre of INESC TEC’s Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Laboratory (LIAAD), in partnership with Myra Spiliopoulou and Pawel Matuszyk of Knowledge Management & Discovery Lab (KMD) from the Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany, were the ones responsible for the organisation.

Among the papers presented at the workshop, it was also presented the “Incremental matrix co-factorization for recommender systems with implicit feedback” paper written by Susan Anyosa, researcher of INESC TEC’s LIAAD in collaboration with João Vinagre and Alípio M. Jorge.


The INESC TEC researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC and UP-FCUP.