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INESC TEC and the Portuguese Navy sign a collaboration protocol

On 6 September, INESC TEC and the Portuguese Navy signed a collaboration protocol that will allow INESC TEC to define research and development roadmaps and that will result in technological solutions of interest to the Navy and suitable to its strategical and operational contexts.

12th September 2019

The protocol was signed by the Chairman of INESC TEC's Board, José Manuel Mendonça and the Chief of Staff of the Navy (CEMA), Admiral Mendes Calado.

This agreement, which is valid for the next five years, will strengthen the joint participation in projects, including the European Defence Agency and NATO, and will help to provide the Navy with technically advanced solutions. It also includes the support that INESC TEC can give to the Navy, when requested, as was the recent case of the EVA submarine's performance in the Borba quarry.

“Besides this, the protocol is the recognition, by this division of the armed forces, of the public service that INESC TEC ensures, thus contributing to the national defence,” adds Vladimiro Miranda, Associate Director of the institute. Strengthening the cooperation between these entities will allow INESC TEC to have access to funding mechanisms for projects related to defence. “This protocol gives INESC TEC a stamp of credibility in the international context and facilitates the participation of INESC TEC’s technologies in military exercises, including within NATO's scope,” says Vladimiro Miranda.

This protocol is a consolidation, only with a greater ambition, of the existing collaboration between INESC TEC and CINAV and, on the other hand, between INESC TEC and the Hydrographic Institute.

INESC TEC has been cooperating with the Hydrographic Institute (of the Navy) for many years now, having software solutions as its main line of work. Examples of projects include RAIA,, RAIATEC, MARRISK, RADARonRAIA in the cross-border cooperation area or MELOA in the marine observation.

INESC TEC also cooperates with CINAV, having robotics as its main line of work. Examples of projects include ICARUS, in search and rescue operations, SUNNY; in maritime border monitoring, TURTLE; with the European Defence Agency’s stamp and in the underwater surveillance area; SIDNAVE and DEEPFLOAT in deepwater exploration; PRINCE on biological or nuclear conflict issues; or MARECOM in maritime communications.

The researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with FEUP.