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Workshop "Underwater mining impact assessment"

The UNDERWATER MINING IMPACT ASSESSMENT: ENLIGHTENING THE FUTURE workshop is a session open to the community that will take place on January 19, at 9:30 am, in a hybrid format.

As part of the kick-off meeting of the TRIDENT project, this session will have as speakers experts in the different dimensions in which the evaluation of the impact of activities in the deep sea touches.

The TRIDENT project, proposed with 16 million euros, partially funded by the European Commission, aims to develop technology to assess the impact of activities in the deep sea. Led by INESC TEC, this pioneering work intends to advance with the development of technology so that it is possible to evaluate, minimize and supervise any exploration action that may arise in the future.

If you want to be present at the event, please confirm to the e-mail

Otherwise, you can watch the session online through the following link:


Agenda (download HERE):


9:20 | Opening session (Eduardo Silva, INESC TEC)

9:30 | ISA’s technology roadmap, the regulatory framework and first concepts of seabed monitoring during exploration, exploitation and mine closure (Ulrich Schwarz-Schampera, International Seabead Authority)

9:50 | Safety Issues of Deep-Sea Mining System (Sup Hong, KRISO)

10:10 | Compass, GSR’S Adaptative Management System for the Responsible Commercial Scale Collection of Polymetallic Nodules (Johan Heiler, DEME Group)

10:30 | The new paradigm for monitoring and modeling of deep-sea mining sediment plumes (Thomas Peacock, MIT)

11:00 | Break

11:25 | EMODnet Geology – Discover Europe’s seabed geology - including marine mineral occurrences (Henry Vallius, EMODnet Geology)

11:50 | Research and Education Networks supporting research and innovation (Chris Atherton, GEANT)

12:15 | Marine Geology in The Geological Survey of Brazil (Luciana Pereira, Brazil Geological Survey)

12:40 | Exploration in the BGR contract areas for nodules and sulphides (Carsten Rüehlemann, BGR)




  • Start

    19th January 2023
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  • City

    4249-015 Porto
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