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WACV 2021 Workshop on Explainable & Interpretable Artificial Intelligence for Biometrics

The online WACV 2021 Workshop on Explainable & Interpretable Artificial Intelligence for Biometrics, xAI4Biometrics, aims at promoting a better understanding, through explainability and interpretability, of currently common and accepted practices in several and varied applications of biometrics. These applications, in scenarios comprising identity verification for access/border control, watching lists surveillance, anti-spoofing measures embedded in biometric recognition systems, forensic applications, among many others, affect the daily life of an ever-growing population. 

Cynthia Rudin, from Duke University, and Peter Eisert, from Humboldt University & Fraunhofer HHI, will be the keynote speakers of the online event.

The xAI4Biometrics workshop also welcomes submissions that focus on biometrics and promote the development of: a) methods to interpret the biometric models to validate their decisions as well as to improve the models and to detect possible vulnerabilities; b) quantitative methods to objectively assess and compare different explanations of the automatic decisions; c) methods to generate better explanations; and d) more transparent algorithms. 

More information about the Call for Papers here.



  • Start

    05th January 2021
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    Ana F. Sequeira