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U.Porto Open Classes Program to the city | INESC TEC 35 years: science with impact

The SAIL project on board the circumnavigation voyage of the Sagres school ship

In the year of the celebration of its 35th anniversary, INESC TEC joins the U.Porto initiative "Open Classes Program to the City" with six Open Classes of different themes. The first focuses the circumnavigation trip of the Sagres school ship.

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As part of the circumnavigation trip of the Sagres school ship, INESC TEC transformed the iconic vessel into a fully equipped scientific laboratory for an ambitious multidisciplinary environmental monitoring campaign. The project, called SAIL ("Space-Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions in the marine boundary Layer"), aims to deepen the knowledge of the atmosphere, ocean, and their interactions, focusing on the electrical properties of the atmosphere, since it is a fundamental component of the terrestrial system and crucial for the study of climate. The motivation and the scientific basis of the project, the monitoring system on board the ship, and the results obtained during the first two months of navigation will be presented.

Short Bio (Susana Barbosa)

Degree in Physics / Applied Mathematics (Astronomy) from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, and a PhD in Geographic Engineering from the University of Porto, on the theme of Sea level variation in the North Atlantic. After a 3-year postdoctoral period in Denmark and Israel, she was a researcher for 6 years at the Dom Luiz Institute of the University of Lisbon. She returned to Porto in 2015, as a senior researcher at INESC TEC, where she works in terrestrial system science, at the interface between data science, Earth observation and robotics.



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    03rd March 2020
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    Aula Aberta
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    Universidade do Porto, INESC TEC
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