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Power and Energy Webinar Series – Open-source tools for future power systems

The 16th “Power and Energy Webinar Series” will be organized on Thursday, November 24, at 2 PM (GMT), under the motto “Open-source tools for future power systems”.

Alejandro Martínez, Assistant Professor at The University of Manchester, and Florin Capitanescu, Senior Researcher at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, will be responsible for leading this webinar. Filipe J. Soares, Senior Researcher at INESC TEC, will be in charge of the moderation.


You are all welcome!


People interested in participating in the session should register on the initiative's website: After completing the registration, the participants will receive, closer to the session, an email from the organization with the credentials access.


About the presentations:


1- Power Network Investment Planning Considering Deep Uncertainty

Electricity customers are becoming less predictable and passive as they adopt more distributed energy resources (DERs) and renewable energy sources. This poses both challenges and opportunities. There is the grand challenge to plan our power networks to cope with deeply uncertain demand variations caused by intermittent renewables and other technologies. There is also the great opportunity to capture the flexibility offered by DERs as a means to support the network and defer or avoid costly reinforcements. This presentation will present state-of-the art power network planning approaches (e.g., from the ATTEST H2020 project) that explicitly address deep uncertainty and capture the value of flexibility from the demand side.


2- Advances in tractable methodologies to solve optimal power flow in transmission and distribution systems

The growing presence of renewable energy sources, energy storage systems and flexible loads in both transmission and distribution systems necessitates new advanced approaches to plan optimally their operation in day-ahead by TSOs and DSOS, that consider stochasticity and time coupling. This lead to computationally challenging large-scale stochastic multi-period AC optimal power flow problems at both TSO and DSO levels. This talk presents tailored tractable solution methodologies, developed in H2020 ATTEST project, for solving efficiently the problems at TSO and DSO levels. The proposed methodologies achieve tractability by solving sequentially a limited number of linear approximations of the full problems, tailored differently for TSO and DSO problems.


About the speakers:

  1. Alejandro Martínez, Assistant Professor at The University of Manchester

Alejandro Martínez (Alex) is a Lecturer (assistant professor) in multi-energy systems at The University of Manchester. His research interests include planning and design of resilient multi-energy systems and integrated electricity-heat-gas networks, power system economics, optimization techniques, and business case assessment. He has published over 60 papers in international journals and conferences, and has contributed to a wide variety of UK and international projects, e.g., NIC-C2C, EPSRC-MYSTORE, ESRC-FutureDAMS, BEIS-MEP, FP6-ADDRESS, FP7-DIMMER, and H2020-ATTEST among others. He is also a member of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and Cigre’s working groups C6/C2.34 (Flexibility provision from DER) and C6/C1.33 (Multi-Energy Systems).


  1. Florin Capitanescu, Senior Researcher at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

Florin Capitanescu (Member, IEEE) received the Electrical Power Engineering degree from the Politehnica University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania, in 1997, and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Liège, Liège, Belgium, in 2003. Since 2015, he has been a senior researcher with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. His main research interests include the application of optimization methods to the operation of transmission and active distribution systems, particularly optimal power flow approaches, power systems security, voltage instability, and smart sustainable buildings.



About the moderator:


Filipe J. Soares, Senior Researcher at INESC TEC – Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES)

Filipe J. Soares has a degree in Physics and a PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems, from Porto University. He is currently a Senior Researcher at INESC TEC and Assistant Professor at the Lusophone University of Porto. He has coordinated and been involved in several projects in the field of power systems for over 14 years, addressing the integration of renewable energies, storage and electric vehicles in power systems, participation of flexible loads and aggregators in electricity markets, energy efficiency, consumer engagement and, more recently, multi-energy systems and green hydrogen production.


Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubts:





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    24th November 2022
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