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INESC TEC technologies at Marinetech 2019

The Marinetech 2019 event will take place from 3 to 5 December 2019 at the Estoril Congress Center and will include the international workshop "Linking Earth Observation and Sustainable Development across the Atlantic" which aims to bring together different sea-related stakeholders from the Atlantic area countries and Earth Observation experts to discuss and link satellite data to sustainable development.

INESC TEC will participate in Marinetech 2019 with a comprehensive and innovative presence that will take on two aspects: exhibition space and lectures.

In the exhibition space of INESC TEC there will be a display of technologies with application in the sea sector, such as the unmanned aerial vehicle STORK I, a drone for control and protection of marine environments; the SHAD autonomous underwater vehicle, a torpedo-shaped micro AUV designed to navigate complex volumes; and Oceanic Gamma System technology for measuring deep water gamma radiation (up to ~ 100m). 

Also of note is the Bluecom + / Grow long-range communications solution, which extends land-based broadband internet to remote areas of the ocean; and optical fibers to demonstrate the ability to monitor structures. 

Moreover INESC TEC researchers will attend the workshop through lectures: on December 3, at 2:15 pm, Hugo Ferreira will present “TURTLE - Hybrid Robotic Landers - Sea bottom permanence with autonomous repositioning capabilities” in session 2; on December 5, at 9 am, Susana Barbosa will present “Challenges in data-driven assessment of coastal change”; and also on December 5, at 9:15 am Artur Rocha will present “Software Ecosystem for the Acquisition, Analysis, Processing and Publishing of Marine Observation Data” in session 6.



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    03rd December 2019
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    Marinha, Instituto Hidrográfico
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    Organização Marinetech2019
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    05th December 2019
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    Centro de Congressos do Estoril
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