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A deep dive on BigHPC platform delivery into HPC clusters

Date: January 26, 2023 | 3 p.m. (GMT)

Speaker: Samuel Bernardo and Miguel Viana, LIP

Moderator: Mariana Miranda, INESC TEC & University of Minho

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The BigHPC project is bringing together innovative solutions to improve the monitoring of  heterogeneous HPC infrastructures and applications, the deployment of applications and the management of HPC computational and storage resources. It aims as well to alleviate the current storage performance bottleneck of HPC services when dealing with data intensive applications growth among the major workload in HPC environments.

Largest companies, government research centers and academic computing centers aggregate the computing power to answer the Big Data buzzword. The typical jobs pretend to extract value from data having four Vs characteristics (volume, variety, velocity and veracity). But to use those resources there are several different implementations that make it difficult for a user to use those infrastructures. BigHPC platform gives a way to start using those resources with a common job definition (BigHPC job) and adapted to the requirements of the largest BigHPC infrastructures, making life easier for system administrators.

In this presentation we will show the involved services, how they can be deployed in any infrastructure and the jobs workflow supported over the Gitlab platform.



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    26th January 2023
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    BigHPC Project and UT Austin Portugal Program