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20th International Entrepreneurship Forum Conference

Entrepreneurship: Connecting Technology, Innovation and Society: An Entrepreneurial Approach

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This year the 20th IEF Conference explores the growing divide between rapid technological advancements and the slower pace at which organizations and societies adapt to these changes. As innovative technologies continue to disrupt various sectors, there is a recognition of the resulting dysfunctions within civic societies, economic entities, and public spheres, leaving individuals without institutional values and governance safeguards.

While entrepreneurship is widely promoted, there is a need to understand how it can help resolve these tensions and secure sustainable outcomes for individuals, organizations, and societies. The conference aims to bring together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to:

  • Engage in discourse on the effective and creative use of diverse technologies and their relevance for economic, environmental, organizational, and social sustainability.
  • Raise awareness and increase the frequency of discussions on the uses of technology and sustainable entrepreneurial endeavors in different contexts.
  • Contribute to practices and dialogues that consider entrepreneurship as more than just starting or growing a new business or social venture.
  • Encourage reflective and entrepreneurial citizenship to reset agendas for entrepreneurship, innovation, and society.

By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders, this event seeks to provide insights and actionable strategies for leveraging entrepreneurship and innovation to bridge the gap between technological disruption and sustainable development.

The 20th IEF Conference covers 9 themes below with the format of on 3 key themes mentioned before and their interdependencies:


  • Science Entrepreneurship 
  • AI and Digital Technologies
  • Ecosystems 
  • Metaverse of International Ventures
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Impact
  • Citizen Engagement 
  • Arts and Humanities 
  • Venture Resourcing
  • Regional Factors 


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    09th September 2024
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    International Entrepreneurship Forum
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