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INESC TEC Summer Internships

INESC TEC Summer Internships

Are you a bachelor or master's student? Would you like to do a summer internship? If you are interested in research and enjoy learning and creating, move from theory to practice and apply now to the INESC TEC Summer Internships. Over the course of four weeks, you will be able to experience practical research and work in a professional environment, solving real problems.

As the application process in the Telecommunications and Multimedia research are is being closed, we now have 30 more positions for the following research areas: Energy; Computer Engineering; Robotics.

The internships will have a minimum duration of four weeks, and they will take place between July 10 and September 15. Moreover, in case you are interested you can also ensure equivalence with the curricular internship, mandatory to complete the degrees at certain Higher Education Institutions, with which INESC TEC has protocols.

The main goal of these Summer Internships is to provide a first research experience to those who seek to learn more about research and development activities, complementing their training and eventually creating conditions for future collaborations.

Registration is closed

Learn more about the INESC TEC Summer Internships

If you have any questions, contact us via email:

International Visiting Researcher Programme

International Visiting Researcher Programme

This initiative is aimed at researchers, including Master’s and PhD students, affiliated with universities or other organisations outside of Portugal, and interested in spending up to three months with our researchers working on topics of our community’s interest but aligned with the applicants’ research goals.

You may find more information about the past editions below.

We are a world-class R&D organisation in the field of ICT, which supports the advanced training of researchers and their active participation in international collaborative networks.

Building on the success of the 2022 edition, we launched a new Call destined for researchers, including Master’s and Ph.D. students affiliated with Universities or other research-performing organisations outside of Portugal, interested in spending one up to three whole months in Portugal working at INESC TEC. Candidates should work on one of the research topics listed in the call announcement below and can spend from one up to three whole months working at INESC TEC.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2023 edition.

Call Announcement

The 2022 edition brought to INESC TEC ten visiting researchers from universities and research institutions in Argentina, Brazil, Italy, the UK and the USA. Supported work plans tapped into research topics related to Energy, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Marine and Agro-robotics. Our visiting researchers' feedback on this edition was very positive and encouraged us to open a new Call with more vacancies to offer:

"Doing a research internship in a different country, in this case at INESC TEC in Porto, Portugal, was very enriching for my PhD as I exchanged knowledge also with a different research culture and environment and received guidance from supervisors, experts in a pertinent topic to my research project, complementing the guidance at my home institution. Furthermore, we opened the path for future collaborations." Itzel Castro, University of Nottingham, UK

"The three months spent in Portugal working with INESC TEC were beautiful and intense. With my mentor, I was able to explore new research topics in a warm, welcoming and multicultural environment." Andrea D’Urbano, University of Salento, Italy

"The program was a rich experience, both professionally and personally. I improved my thesis research by exchanging ideas with my hosts and other professionals at INESC. The contact with the European culture was also significant; I made many friends inside and outside INESC during my stay. I hope to keep in touch and strengthen ties with INESC for future contributions." Ayres Nishio, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

"The exchange allowed collaboration with INESC TEC in different areas, becoming an enriching experience in both professional and personal development. The adaptation to a new culture, the exchange of ideas and experience with researchers from various parts of the world, and the opportunities to work on innovative projects allowed the development of technical skills and the broadening of perspectives culminating in the production of relevant research." Thayane Skorup, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

"The excellent guidance and opportunities that were given to me during my international visiting researcher programme were essential in helping me achieve such important results for my thesis. The collaborations that were formed and the teaching activities that were made available created a dynamic and stimulating environment for learning and growth. Thank you, INESC TEC, for investing in the next generation of researchers and providing us with the resources and support we need to succeed." Walter Mendonça,University of Brasília, Brazil

Call Announcement


Work with us

Working at INESC TEC is seeking excellence on a daily basis

Focusing on multiple areas of expertise, at INESC TEC we look across the country and abroad to establish partnerships and to find critical mass. We produce fundamental research which can be applied to daily causes. We are audacious, creative, collaborative, bold and innovative!


Mobility Quick Guide for Foreign Newcomers

At INESC TEC, our science has a purpose and we want your work to have an impact on the daily lives of people. We are looking for excellence. How about you?

What we offer

  • Multicultural and collaborative environment
    A multicultural, international and collaborative environment that makes it easier to exchange ideas, work in networks and create synergies.
  • International projects
    The possibility of working in international projects with some of the most important companies in the field.
  • Mentoring
    Mentoring with the best researchers in the fields of electrical and industrial engineering, bioengineering, information technology and physics.
  • Self Improvement
    The possibility of participating in international conferences, workshops, seminars and vocational training.
  • Other Benefits and Perks
    Flexible working time, health insurance, discounts in hotels, transportation, etc.
  • Informal Events
    Annual informal events, such as the multicultural party.

Together we are brighter

People are our greatest asset: in their minds lie the ideas of the future. But geniuses are not formed alone and for that reason, above all, we value the collective efforts of teams. When several talented people work together, the future can only be bright!

The starting point for a professional journey of excellence

Every year, dozens of employees leave INESC TEC to go work in some of the best national and international companies. In their baggage they carry the experience and training of excellence acquired at INESC TEC. And we are proud to see them grow and to go out in the search for new challenges.

A step forward in our history

For 35 years we have been conducting research to serve society and companies. Are you ready to leave your mark?


INESC TEC support to the citizens of Ukraine affected by the war

As an R&D institution committed ever since its foundation to science for the public good, INESC TEC stands with the people from Ukraine affected by this terrible ongoing conflict. Because we genuinely believe that science can and should be used to promote peace and prosperity among peoples and nations, our community has come together to help in different ways. We are currently offering job opportunities, including research positions, to citizens fleeing the war in Ukraine. 


Learn more about these opportunities here




Closed in the last 12 months

The INESC TEC community

The INESC TEC community

Over 650 researchers from 30 nationalities are currently working at INESC TEC.

We believe that this multicultural spirit, with multiple areas of expertise, professional paths and cultures, is integral to a unique experience at INESC TEC, which combines hard work and periods of relaxation.

And because this community is so large, so rich, so diverse, we annually organise different internal events related to sports, culture and gastronomy. The goal is simple: we want to promote socialisation, get to know each other, create synergies.

At INESC TEC, you are in permanent contact with the whole world. Come join us!

Living in Portugal

Living in Portugal

Portugal - One of the best places to live

Imagine living in a country where you can find a huge diversity of landscapes and environments in a small area: sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, golden plains and mountains, vibrant and cosmopolitan cities and a millennial heritage.

Imagine that this country has a nice weather, welcoming and friendly people, a low cost of living, a democratic parliamentary regime with political stability, public health service, high quality public education systems and safety.

Stop imagining! This is Portugal! Can you picture yourself living here?

North of Portugal

INESC TEC is mainly located in the north of Portugal. We have R&D researchers across different cities: Porto, Braga and Vila Real.

The North of Portugal is dramatic and unspoilt, with fascinating medieval villages, historic castles and spectacular mountain ranges.

In 2015 TripAdvisor chose the city of Porto as the best emerging destination in Europe and the third best in the world.

Besides Porto, northern cities like Viana do Castelo, Guimarães, Bragança and Braga perfectly balance quality of life, lifestyle and modernity.

Find out more about the natural beauty of Portugal’s northern region, its landscape, history and the iconic Douro region at:  

Spontaneous Application

Do you want to work with us?
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Other Opportunities

Other Opportunities

“INESC TEC was fundamental in my new role, mainly, due to two reasons: the scientific training and in building my networking. In 2014, I was included in the project KEP and, afterwards, in its continuation, project mKEP. Thanks to these projects I deepen my expertise in the planning of kidney transplantations. Furthermore, it was also thanks to my activity in INESC TEC that I had the contact with international researchers with whom I continue to collaborate. ”
Margarida Carvalho
Polytechnique Montréal
“At INESC TEC I worked with different sectors and business areas, as well as various methodologies and tools. This has given me a multifaceted background which prepared me for a more and more demanding labour market.”
Paula Gomes
“When I started Jscrambler, being an innovation focused company, I structured the R&D using what I learned at INESC TEC as model. More importantly, I brought INESC TEC work ethics and values to the company, and that is what I try to pass to younger generations that join the company.”
Pedro Fortuna
“INESC TEC is an excellent school of skills and it greatly helps young engineers during their transition from college to the job market. However, INESC TEC does not only train great personnel. It is, in itself, composed of amazing people and a lot of talent. Due to this, when we move to the great institutions of the world, we do not even notice the difference.”
Miguel Heleno
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Shazia Tabassum


Nuno Fulgêncio
“All the members of the INESC TEC team showed an enterprising spirit, deeply committed to the project, which contributed to the practical outcomes of FASTEN. I perceive this experience as something quite positive.”
Marta Quintães
Embraer Portugal
“The partnership with INES TEC translated into a very enriching experience, and helped achieving a symbiosis of realities and know-how, supported by a strong commitment and teamwork. This collaborative endeavour led to the positive results in terms of iiLab and Simoldes’ operations.”
Vitor Resende
“The close relationship that we managed to establish with INESC TEC is a key asset to FLUPOL. The growing need for automated complex processes through artificial intelligence, and network management at a global level, seems to indicate a future characterised by a stronger connection between both organisations.”
José Bandeira
“The work was always developed with Adapttech and CTM (INESC TEC) working together throughout the process, rather than each entity working by itself. Both parties were always very transparent during the process and tried to keep the expectations aligned.”
Ana Sofia Assis
“INESC TEC was, from the outset, a key player in the establishment of LABIOMEP-UP, immediately associating itself with the set of units and interface institutes that supported its creation. ”
João Paulo Vilas-Boas
“The experience is excellent. We are a real team, one that is not inactive, but one that builds synergies.”
Maria João Cardoso
Champalimaud Clinical Center
“INESC TEC has been helping us address the sector's major challenges. At INESC TEC, we found a multidisciplinary team that can exploit several opportunities, and a partner we hope to rely on for the upcoming years.”
Ricardo Teixeira
“Being part of the TexBoost mobilising project was a fruitful experience that favoured the exchange of technical knowledge between different entities, like INESC TEC, research centres like CITEVE, and companies such as PLUX e PR Têxteis. ”
Pedro Duque
PLUX Wireless Biosignals
“We value INESC TEC’s know-how, computation tools and digital technologies – which, combined with our biosensing experience, will generate synergies towards the development of advanced analytical tools for different clinical applications and healthcare actions.”
Inês Mendes Pinto
“Excellent! Not only for the Institute’s understanding of the nature of the health-related problems we face, but also due to the ability to organise a kind of common intelligence in the design of solutions to health research problems. ”
Henrique Barros
“INESC TEC’s researchers have a very close link to the business world, thus being able to conciliate state-of-the-art research with the short-term needs of companies. There clearly is a practical sense in what they do. I believe this is one the main advantages of INESC TEC.”
Paulo Sousa
Maxdata Software, S.A.


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