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News by Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems


INESC TEC robots travelled through the North and Centre regions of the country to present the research carried out in robotics to industry representatives and students

In two months, four events and several quilometres travelled by INESC TEC researchers, with different robots developed by the institution. The goal? To show both industry and students the latest innovations in research carried out by INESC TEC in the field of robotics.

22nd April 2024


Artificial Intelligence in the weaving sector to support maintenance and optimisation activities

What if it were possible to access real-time data on the state of the looms and to monitor performance indicators, while optimising processes and perform predictive maintenance at weaving facilities? The AI4ENGINE project - featuring INESC TEC - combines Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin technologies to bring a solution capable of contributing to a more sustainable and resilient production process.

09th January 2024


Project to reduce food waste and the environmental impact of the canning industry won national award

This initiative is called IFishCan, and it aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the agro-food sector in reducing waste during the food processing process, while optimising water and energy consumption. How? Using advanced digital technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence (AI). The work developed within the scope of this project - bringing together INESC TEC, Foodintech, AI Talentum and AZTI (Technology Center for Marine and Food Innovation) - earned Foodintech the award for "Best Startup" at the eight edition of the Portugal Digital Awards.

20th December 2023


When Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Art come together: INESC TEC collaborates with Leonel Moura in the creation of Artist Robot

Until July 22, the Árvore – Cooperativa de Atividades Artísticas hosted Leonel Moura’s exhibition “O fim da Arte, tal como a conhecemos?”. The exhibition featured two robots, developed in partnership with INESC TEC, which create “unique paintings without direct human intervention”.

03rd August 2023


A more sustainable winemaking sector: INESC TEC supports the implementation of robotic technologies to reduce the ecological footprint

The main objective of the Vine & Wine Portugal Agenda, supported by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) is to promote energy transition and digital innovation, while generating added value through the Portuguese winemaking sector. The development or presentation of mature technologies will be a key-element of the project, enabling the promotion of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production – aspects that are quite relevant to a sector that’s highly influenced by climate change.

15th May 2023


Smart Factories: INESC TEC support the digital transition of the automotive components industry

INESC TEC is part of the of the project Hi-rEV – Recovery of the Automotive Components Sector, funded within the scope of the PRR (Recovery and Resilience Plan) mobilising agendas for entrepreneurial innovation. PALBIT, S.A. is the leading entity of this initiative, which features over 20 partners to support the digitalisation of the automotive components industry, while contributing to the sector’s adaptation to the changes associated with the energy transition.

24th March 2023


INESC TEC leads monitoring and phenotyping project awarded by the European Union Agency for the Space Programme

The development of a cost-effective autonomous system for the monitoring and phenotyping of perennial crops (vineyards, orchards and greenhouses).

24th March 2023


INESC TEC joins project to place Portugal at the forefront of the insect bioindustry

The InsectERA is a mobilising agenda that features close to 40 national entities. Funded within the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan, this agenda aims to develop, industrialise, and commercialise nutritional solutions for people, animals, and plants, while fostering opportunities for the cosmetics and bioplastics industries, as well as for the biomedicines sector. It focuses on the creation of organic waste recovery solutions, contributing to the sustainability of value chains.

23rd March 2023


INESC TEC researcher among the winners of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2022

Do you have a vegetable garden for self-sufficiency? Is it complicated to go there sometimes, to check on the condition of your vegetables? Leandro Rodrigues, a researcher at INESC TEC, developed a technology to help producers monitor the growth rate of their crops. This robotic prototype earned him a place among the winners of the 2022 edition of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge. 

28th November 2022


Project develops solution for the early detection of the flavescence dorée of the vines

The FD Controlo operational group promoted a field day in Amares (Braga) with close to 80 participants, representing partners and entities that studyflavescence dorée of the vines. The event included the presentation of the results in the area, namely an intelligent trap that will support the early detection of the disease.  

23rd August 2022


INESC TEC robotics project wins VIDA RURAL award

The METBOTS project, developed by INESC TEC in partnership with ADVID - Vine and Wine cluster, won the "I&D que Marca" award, granted at the 2022 edition of the VIDA RURAL Awards.

27th May 2022


Research made in INESC TEC won Robotics award

The research "Programming Robots by Demonstration using Augmented Reality", by Inês de Oliveira Soares, won the Award for Best National Master's Thesis in Robotics, awarded by the Portuguese Society of Robotics (SPR).

24th May 2022

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