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News by Biomedical Engineering Research

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC researchers seek to use Artificial Intelligence to detect cardiovascular diseases related to rheumatic fever

In collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University Africa (CMU Africa), INESC TEC is collecting heart-related data in Rwanda, towards developing algorithms that allow - using multimodal auscultation - the screening of cardiovascular diseases related to rheumatic fever.

28th September 2023

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC develops technology for real-time triage of victims in disaster situations

It is a wearable system that takes between 10-15 seconds to be placed on a person, allowing to monitor their vital signs and health severity. The new solution, developed by INESC TEC in collaboration with Xenia Reply and the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED), will allow Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals to carry out real-time triage assessments in disaster scenarios – or other situations -, and to monitor victims from the onset until reaching the hospital.

07th September 2023

Networked Intelligent Systems

Human-drone interaction: INESC TEC demonstrated technology during exercise promoted by the Portuguese army

INESC TEC participated in the first exercise for the testing of technological solutions with potential military application in Portugal. The first edition of ARmy Technological EXperimentation (ARTEX 23) was promoted by the Army’s Experimentation & Technological Modernization Centre (CEMTEx) and took place from May 22 to June 2, at the Santa Margarida Military Camp (Constância).

11th July 2023


INESC TEC part of project to monitor working conditions in the agroforestry sector

The AgWearCare project focuses on researching and developing a monitoring system aimed at the agroforestry sector. The main objective is the analysis of metrics that support the management of human resources, thus supporting decision-making processes - in terms of well-being and productivity.

01st February 2023

Networked Intelligent Systems

Researchers test Artificial Intelligence solution for near real-time classification of epileptic seizures

A team of researchers from INESC TEC and the University of Munich tested a solution to classify seizures, the main symptom of epilepsy, using infrared radar and 3D videos. The study presents an innovative approach, which is the first to consider near-real time classification from two second samples, showing the feasibility of a system to support diagnosis and monitoring process (based on action recognition) that uses deep learning; it allows distinguishing between frontal and temporal lobes seizures (the two most common classes of epilepsy), or non-epileptic events. The results of this research were recently published by Nature Scientific Reports.

04th January 2023

Networked Intelligent Systems

Project involving INESC TEC received the Santa Casa Neurosciences Award

  The project, focusing on improving the effectiveness of deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy with patients suffering from Parkinson's disease, using personalised electrophysiological biomarkers and stimulation based on objective quantitative assessments, features a team from INESC TEC; the attribution of the Mantero Belard Award took place at the 10th edition of the Santa Casa Neurosciences Awards.

30th November 2022

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC developed a technology to monitor Parkinson’s patients outside clinical settings and received an international award

Patients with Parkinson’s disease will be able to monitor the symptoms associated with the disease and send data, in real time, to the healthcare professionals who follow them – from home, and via their mobile phones. This innovation in the health area is only possible thanks to the iHandUapp system, a mobile technology developed by NESC TEC; it also features a web platform that aggregates the data and provides healthcare professionals with a record of the clinical evolution of patients.

30th June 2022

Networked Intelligent Systems

Prototypes developed at INESC TEC allow spin-off InSignals Neurotech to advance clinical studies in Europe

InSignals Neurotech, a spin-off of INESC TEC, will start a set of clinical studies in European hospitals, in order to expand the application and use of technology for the quantification of motor symptoms related to neurodegenerative diseases, in particular Parkinson’s disease. In this sense, INESC TEC developed prototypes that can be used during deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgeries to assess the muscular stiffness of the wrist, one of the main symptoms of the disease. 

30th May 2022

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC researcher and PhD student at FEUP received an honourable mention by the Portuguese League Against Epilepsy

Elodie Lopes, INESC TEC researcher and PhD student of the Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering, received the award for best oral presentation at the 34th National Epileptology Congress, which took place on March 11 and 12 at Fundação Engenheiro António de Almeida (Porto), and gathered the scientific and medical community in the field of neurology.

07th April 2022

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC Spin-off awarded €100K to expand clinical trials in patients with Parkinson's disease

The spin-off inSignals Neurotech, dedicated to the development of medical devices for the quantification of motor symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases, in order to obtain better clinical results, received €100K through the INNOV-ID funding call - an initiative promoted by Portugal Ventures, focusing on the measures established by the Government to capitalise Portuguese companies during the pandemic.

26th March 2021

Networked Intelligent Systems

Unprecedented study sugests improvements in the diagnosis and monitoring in patients with familial amyloid polyneuropathy

In the scientific article “Clinical 3-D Gait Assessment of Patients With Polyneuropathy Associated With Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis”, published in Frontiers in Neurology, one of the most important journals in the area, the researchers analysed the gait parameters of different groups of patients with familial amyloid polyneuropathy, according to different stages of development.

18th December 2020

Networked Intelligent Systems

INESC TEC developed a tool for the automatic analysis of X-rays images, in order to assess the evolution of COVID-19 patients

A team of researchers from INESC TEC’s Centre for Biomedical Engineering Research (C-BER) developed a computer-assisted diagnosis system, in partnership with radiologists from the Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho hospital centre (CHVNGE) and the Northern Region Health Administration (ARS Norte).

14th December 2020

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