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News by High-Assurance Software

Computer Science

INESC TEC will develop mathematical methods to advance cyber-physical programming

INESC TEC's High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) coordinates the project “Quantitative methods for cyber-physical programming: reasoning precisely about imprecisions in cyber-physical behavior”, whose main objective is the development of mathematical methods to model and analyse imprecisions in cyber-physical software.

08th September 2021

Computer Science

INESC TEC develops solutions to reduce the energy impact of communication networks

INESC TEC's High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) will develop solutions that allow the adaptation of WAN (Wide Area Networks) communications networks to the availability and source of electrical power in real time, while prioritising renewable sources.

06th September 2021

Computer Science

INESC TEC researchers awarded “Best Paper Award” in the field of Computing

The paper “ASPAS: As Secure as Possible Available Systems”, co-authored by Houssam Yactine, Ali Shoker, and George Younes, researchers at INESC TEC’s High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab), received the Best Paper Award at the 16th edition of the International Federated Conference on Distributed Computing Techniques (DisCoTec2021).

15th July 2021

Computer Science

INESC TEC participates in a project for the development of a secure password manager

The project PassCert – Exploring the Impact of Formal Verification on the Adoption of Password Security Software, started in February and will allow the creation of a password manager that ensures security properties on data storage and generation of passwords, using formal verification.

31st May 2021

Computer Science

INESC TEC helps brands to improve their influence on social media through AI

Measuring, monitoring and improving the presence, social position and influence of companies and individuals on social networks.

26th May 2021

Computer Science

INESC TEC co-organised workshop on Artificial Intelligence applied to software testing

INESC TEC co-organised the workshop AIST 2021 – International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing, within the scope of the IEEE International Conference on Software Testing (ICST2021), dedicated to AI in software testing. The event took place online, on April 12, with more than 20 participants.

07th May 2021

Computer Science

INESC TEC wins IN3 + Award

The project IDINA - Inclusive Non-Authoritative Digital Identity, INESC TEC’s High Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) is the winner of the IN3 + Award, promoted by the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office (INCM), of €600K. The project aims to create an effective and inclusive identification platform open to all citizens, in countries that do not have central identification systems (civil registration infrastructures).

30th March 2021

Computer Science

CoronaSurveys project acknowledged at international competition

The CoronaSurveys project, which aims to determine the prevalence of the pandemic in several countries, received an honourable mention and a prize of €3K (AWS - Amazon Web Services credits) at the “XPRIZE Pandemic Response Challenge”.

24th March 2021

Computer Science

INESC TEC project places NAU 21 in the top 10 Insurtech companies in Europe

The development of the SIS platform, in partnership with INESC TEC, led to NAU21 – a company incubated at UPTEC – being acknowledged as one of the 10 best Insurtech companies in Europe, according to Insurance CIO Outlook magazine. This platform aims to revolutionise the way people handle insurance-related matters, making processes simpler, faster and more direct.

05th March 2021

Computer Science

INESC TEC project is one of the five finalists of the IN3+ Award

The IDINA project, Inclusive Non-Authoritative Digital Identity, is one of the finalists of the third edition of the IN3+ Award, an initiative that aims to support the development of new ideas, promoted by the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office (INCM).

22nd February 2021

Industrial and Systems Engineering

INESC TEC participates in project focusing on circular economy

INESC TEC, through the Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE) and the High-assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab), participates in the CircThread project – Building the Digital Thread for Circular Economy Product, Resource & Service Management.

14th January 2021

Computer Science

INESC TEC researchers help understanding the efficiency of battery consumption

The article GreenHub: A Large-Scale Collaborative Dataset to Battery Consumption Analysis of Android Devices, written by Rui Pereira and Marco Couto from INESC TEC and UMinho’s High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab), presents a thorough analysis of more than 23 million of samples of data from Android smartphones, in order to understand the efficiency of battery consumption.

22nd December 2020

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