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News by High-Assurance Software

Computer Science and Engineering

Researcher at INESC TEC wins an award thanks to prototype to support the development of Defense policies and strategies

Alexandra Mendes, INESC TEC researcher, is one of the winners of the Atlantic Security Award, promoted by FLAD; Alexandra’s work aims to use a large language model – trained with data retrieved from the dark web – in decision-making processes, in the design of Defense policies and strategies, and in the application of the law in the security of the Atlantic region.

28th May 2024

Computer Science and Engineering

INESC TEC researchers propose innovative cryptography solution for potential quantum computers threats

The solution proposed by Manuel Barbosa and João Barbosa, researchers at INESC TEC, features a hybrid key-encapsulation mechanism (KEM), capable of addressing the demands of the dynamics of hybrid models that combine pre-quantum and post-quantum algorithms.

21st May 2024

Computer Science and Engineering

INESC TEC joins new collaboration project to bring Europe and Japan closer together in supercomputing

Medicine, climate, quantum physics or materials science. These are just few of the areas where supercomputing and modelling can play a major role in scientific, industrial, and social development. To strategically improve cooperation between Europe and Japan in this area of research, the HANAMI - HPC Alliance for Applications and Supercomputing Innovation: the Europe-Japan Collaboration project was born.

17th May 2024

Computer Science and Engineering

INESC TEC research on the application of Boolean functions in quantum computing integrates major publication

INESC TEC researchers developed a study to test the ability to perform any Boolean function on quantum computers designed according to a measurement-based quantum computation model.  

17th May 2024

Computer Science and Engineering

INESC TEC researchers strengthen partnership with CENTRA network

Since its establishment, the CENTRA network has been working to facilitate collaborative endeavours that allow the adoption of transnational cyber infrastructures - relying on several members from different countries: Indonesia, the United States of America, Vietnam, or Japan. Hence, and to strengthen the relationships with said partners, INESC TEC researchers travelled to Tokyo to attend the latest event of this initiative.

19th March 2024

Computer Science and Engineering

INESC TEC part of project to support users of European supercomputers, including the Portuguese Deucalion

EPICURE (High-level specialised application support service in High-Performance Computing) is the project that brings together the supercomputers of the European EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) network to support its users.

28th February 2024

Computer Science and Engineering

INESC TEC technology to ensure digital services’ transparency and privacy reached the podium of the fourth edition of the IN3+ Award

Where do you draw the line between transparency and privacy in digital services? How can a person, as a user of services, validate the correct follow-up of his/her process, without compromising the confidentiality to which the respective providers are obliged to follow? The PeT – Privacy and Transparency project, led by the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) – in collaboration with the University of Minho (UMinho) – won the second place in the fourth edition of the IN3 + Award, One Million for Innovation. This initiative, aimed at ensuring transparency and privacy in digital services, received €250k to support its integration into the market – initially, at the national level, and in public and private services (healthcare, education, and justice).

23rd February 2024


INESC TEC seeks to help companies embrace digital transformation at lower costs

Digital transition, innovation, business empowerment, financing, disruptive technologies; and a certainty: 2024 will be a year of opportunities for companies that are willing to take risks. Close to 100 participants gathered at Palácio do Freixo to get to know ATTRACT project, coordinated by INESC TEC. 

08th February 2024


Robust, efficient and sustainable: INESC TEC researcher creates solutions to improve Android applications

News reports about leaks of information stored by major applications - collected through their use by ordinary citizens - are common, leaving personal data (often sensitive) exposed. In most cases, said leaks stem from software operating errors capable of causing astronomical losses to companies, both financially and in terms of reputation. It is not surprising that more means and efforts are being directed to detect software errors still in the earlier stages of their life cycle, highlighting the importance of using good coding practices. In this sense, INESC TEC researcher Rui Rua has been working to create solutions that improve the performance of Android applications, by changing the source code. 

23rd January 2024


European HPC coordination and support project with Latin America comes to an end

The RISC2 project, which for three years aimed to build bridges in the research and training of High-Performance Computing (HPC) - considered the basis for scientific, industrial, and social advances with an impact on the quality of life of the world's population - has officially come to an end. Among the main results achieved by this consortium composed of 16 partners — 12 from Latin America and four from Europe — the HPC Observatory and the White Paper on HPC R&I Collaboration Opportunities stand out. 

11th January 2024


INESC TEC researchers reached the top-3 at university programming marathon

Luís Pereira, Rui Pedro Oliveira and Tiago Pereira won third place in the Inter-University Programming Marathon, after solving six of the 11 problems presented to them in five hours. Participating in an international competition is the new challenge of CatamorfismUM, the name of the team composed of INESC TEC researchers.

04th December 2023


Portuguese researchers developed a pioneering tool for detection of security risks in Infrastructure as Code

The GLITCH solution transforms the original code of programs into a specific model and carries out an analysis to detect code smells — patterns that occur on the code and can lead to security vulnerabilities.

14th November 2023

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