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News by Information Systems and Computer Graphics

Computer Science

Electrical discharges sensor set up in INESC TEC

An electrical discharges sensor of ENTLN (Earth Networks Total Lightning Network) network was set up during February at INESC TEC building, under a collaboration protocol between INESC TEC and US company Earth Networks, Inc.

03rd April 2018

Power and Energy

INESC TEC organises energy efficiency workshops

On 21 and 22 March, INESC TEC organized a number of initiatives related to energy efficiency in partnership with other FEEdBACk members.

27th March 2018

Computer Science

INESC TEC participated in an European event with pervasive learning games

«How do flowers play?». This was the title of the activity promoted by INESC TEC’s Centre for Information and Computer Graphics Systems (CSIG) regarding the European project BEACONING (Breaking educational barriers with contextualised pervasive and gameful learning).

09th March 2018

Computer Science

New software helps coaches making decisions

Researchers from Creativelab – CIDESD (Research Center in Sports Sciences, Health and Human Development) and from INESC TEC are developing a processing and visualization software that allows examining variables of collective tactical performances from the position of the players.

28th February 2018

Computer Science

INESC TEC develops tools do manage research data

A team from the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP) and INESC TEC developed two instruments to help researchers managing their data, avoiding losses and encouraging the exchange of information in international projects. These tools are being tested at the University of Porto (UP).

09th February 2018

Networked Intelligent Systems

Crowdsourcing to investigate extreme atmospheric phenomena

ECSAAP - expert Crowdsourcing for Semantic Annotation of Atmospheric Phenomena is a project led by INESC TEC, in collaboration with the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, of Carnegie Mellon University, and the Institute Dom Luiz.

23rd January 2018

Computer Science

INESC TEC creates software for online inclusive artistic education

The Tele-Média-Arte project, in collaboration with the Information Centre for Information Systems and Computer Graphics (CSIG) of INESC TEC, carried out the final tests with users, which took place in the INVITRO exhibition and research space, at the headquarters of the Universidade Aberta (UAb), in Lisbon. This technology will be applied during 2018 in the Digital Media Arts PhD and in the course "The experience of diversity through Art".

10th January 2018

Computer Science

New European project intends to monitor ocean currents

To provide an effective and low-cost solution capable of monitoring surface ocean currents and their dynamic characteristics in any place of the world. This is the main goal of the new European project MELOA, which has the participation of the Centre for Information Systems and Computer Graphics (CSIG) of INESC TEC.

09th January 2018

Computer Science

Internet Society Award given to work supervised by INESC TEC

The Portuguese Chapter of Internet Society (ISOC PT) Award, given to the best work presented at INForum – Informatics Symposium, was given to a work supervised by INESC TEC.

03rd January 2018

Computer Science

INESC TEC researcher wins Best Student Paper Award in Estonia

Yulia Karimova, researcher at the Centre for Information Systems and Computer Graphics (CSIG) of INESC TEC, won the “Best Student Paper” Award at the 11th International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research (MTSR).

27th December 2017

Computer Science

Prototype developed at INESC TEC receives funding from Google

The Stop PropagHate prototype, developed at INESC TEC, will receive funding from the Digital News Initiative (DNI) innovation fund of Google.

21st December 2017

Computer Science

INESC TEC participates in Iberian Conference on Spatial Data

INESC TEC was present at the VIII Iberian Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures (JIIDE), themed "Contributions to digital interoperability and economics", which took place at the Higher Institute of Labour and Business Sciences (ISCTE), in Lisbon, from 15 to 17 November. 

19th December 2017

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