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Publicações por Salvador Carvalhosa


Review of Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector: Assessing Maturity and Adoption Levels of Digital Services and Products via Fuzzy Logic

Carvalhosa, S; Lucas, A; Neumann, C; Türk, A;


Digitalization has begun as a transformative force within the energy sector, reforming traditional practices and paving the way for enhanced operational efficiency and sustainability. Enabled by key technologies such as smart meters, digitalization embodies a paradigm shift in energy management. Nonetheless, it is crucial to recognize that these enabling technologies are only the catalysts and not the end goal. This paper presents a comprehensive overview of digital services and products in the energy sector, with a specific focus on emerging technologies like AI and Connected Data Spaces. The objective of this review paper is to assess the maturity and adoption levels of these digital solutions, seeking to draw insights into the factors influencing their varying levels of success. This maturity and adoption assessment was carried out by applying a Fuzzy logic approach which allowed us to compensate for the lack of detailed information in current literature. By analyzing the reasons behind high maturity-low adoption and vice-versa, this study seeks to cast light on the dynamics shaping the digital transformation of the energy sector.

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