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Futuring European Industry

FUTURING aims at contributing to define the strategy for the re-industrialization of Europe, by focusing on the role of Research and Innovation within the framework of other dimensions – Economy, Society, Environment, Globalization, geopolitics– and incoming paradigms such as Circular Economy. It explores 2030 future scenarios, concerning EU Industry, through the use of foresight and other Policy Intelligence tools, to identify critical factors on which action should be taken in order to overcome barriers and to foster opportunities for the EU re-industrialization process. A large variety of experts and stakeholders, both directly as partners and externals, representing the main dimensions of the landscape in which the EU re-industrialization is going to take place, are participating. Given the number of participants, their location in different countries of Europe, it is expected that the output of the project will be widely disseminated among relevant stakeholders throughout Europe. In particular, Recommendations will provide Policy Makers, at European, National and Regional level, guidelines for future Research and Innovation activities.


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  • Acrónimo

  • Início

    01 setembro 2016
  • Orçamento global

    1.470.126,00 €
  • Estado

  • Data de encerramento

    28 fevereiro 2018
  • Fim

    28 fevereiro 2018
  • Responsável

    António Lucas Soares
  • Financiamento

    89.062,00 €

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