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    Manuel Bento Couto
  • Cargo

    Assistente de Investigação
  • Desde

    05 abril 2022


A Study of Virtual Reality Applied to Welder Training

Couto, M; Petry, R; Silva, F;

Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems

Welding is a challenging, risky, and time-consuming profession. Recently, there has been a documented shortage of trained welders, and as a result, the market is pushing for an increase in the rate at which new professionals are trained. To address this growing demand, training institutions are exploring alternative methods to train future professionals. The emergence of virtual reality technologies has led to initiatives to explore their potential for welding training. Multiple studies have suggested that virtual reality training delivers comparable, or even superior, results when compared to more conventional approaches, with shorter training times and reduced costs in consumables. This paper conducts a comprehensive review of the current state of the field of welding simulators. This involves exploring the different types of welding simulators available and evaluating their effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the learning objectives of welding training. The aim is to identify gaps in the literature, suggest future research directions, and promote the development of more effective and efficient welding simulators in the future. The research also seeks to develop a categorical system for evaluating and comparing welding simulators. This system will enable a more systematic and objective analysis of the features and characteristics of each simulator, identifying the essential characteristics that should be included in each level of classification. © 2024, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG.