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  • Nome

    Bianca Banica
  • Cargo

    Assistente de Investigação
  • Desde

    15 setembro 2020


Citizen engagement with sustainable energy solutions- understanding the influence of perceived value on engagement behaviors

Banica, B; Patrício, L; Miguéis, V;


Citizen engagement with Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) is considered essential for the current energy transition, since decarbonization requires individuals to shift from passive consumers to citizens actively involved with the energy system. However, citizen engagement research has remained peripheral and scattered, particularly in what regards the drivers of engagement behaviors. To address this challenge, this study examines how different forms of perceived value of SES (utilitarian, social, and environmental) influence different types of citizen engagement behaviors (information seeking, proactive managing, sharing feedback, helping other users, and advocating). To this end, we developed a quantitative study in the context of a H2020 EU project, with a sample of 456 citizens from the city of Alkmaar (the Netherlands). Our findings show that the utilitarian value of SES has a significant effect on all the engagement behaviors, except for sharing feedback. Social value has a significant influence on the more socially related engagement behaviors, such as sharing feedback, helping other users, and advocating. Finally, environmental value has an indirect effect on information seeking, proactive managing, and advocating, but only when mediated through awareness of consequences. The implications of this study should allow SES providers to design more relevant offerings and policymakers to develop better citizen engagement strategies.