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Internet Access will be Possible in Remote Ocean Areas – Above 100 Km off the Coast

Cutting-edge project will provide broadband, low-cost Internet access in remote ocean areas, more than 100 km off the coast, using standard access technologies, such as Wi-Fi and 4G, to support the Blue Economy, including fisheries and maritime transportation.

Portuguese Project Aims To Deliver Underwater Energy Efficient Demonstrator in 2015

A Portuguese civil-military research project supported by the European Defence Agency (EDA) is testing reduced-energy technologies for underwater robotics, said an EDA official.

Portuguese project to provide internet 100 km from the coast (Telecompaper)

Portugal's Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) is developing a wireless internet system that will be accessible more than 100 kilometers from the coast, reports Sapo. The Bluecom+ project is being implemented in partnership with the Portuguese Institute...

One step at a time

The CEC Made Shoe project, which aims to spread knowledge and good practice throughout the European footwear manufacturing industry, has already generated a number of interesting ideas. This article highlights one of these, a concept developed be research institute INESC Porto, for an integrated man...

INESC TEC will predict the aesthetic outcomes of breast cancer surgery

Leading academic and clinical centers from INESC (PT), LUMC (NL), UCL (UK), and KCL (UK) and Philips are joining forces to develop tools to help women understand how different breast cancer therapy options may affect how they look.

Preparing Europe’s grid for electric vehicles

The INESC Porto (Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto) has been appointed scientific leader of a major EU-financed project to prepare the European electricity grid for the spread of electric vehicles.

Dual use research has military and civilian benefits

Following the conclusions of the European council in December 2013, which underlined the importance of stimulating dual use research and support to SMEs, the European defence agency (EDA) has been busy working with various civilian and military stakeholders to access European structural funds (ESF)...

INES TEC vai transferir tecnologias para o mar ate 2018 (Ver Portugal)

São cerca de 60 milhões de euros, distribuídos por 18 projetos, que estão atualmente disponíveis para desenvolver tecnologias para o mar até 2018. O Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência (INESC TEC) tem vindo a apostar no desenvolvimento de protótipos neste setor c...

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