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Publicações por Ceres Germanna Morais


Detailing an e-Learning Course on Software Engineering and Architecture Using BPMN

Morais, C; Pedrosa, D; Fontes, MM; Cravino, J; Morgado, L;

First International Computer Programming Education Conference, ICPEC 2020, June 25-26, 2020, ESMAD, Vila do Conde, Portugal (Virtual Conference).

We have employed BPMN diagrams to expose the foreseen teaching and learning activities of participants in an e-learning course under planning. This provided clarification of the teaching and learning actions, revealing to the educational planning team aspects which were not explicit in the lecturer's plan, such as: The level of effort for the teacher as well as for the student; specific moments when there is a need to provide feedback and motivation. We believe that this exercise constitutes a rich and helpful contribution in planning and visualization efficient for other teaching teams of computer programming courses. 2012 ACM Subject Classification Social and professional topics ! Software engineering education.