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Huawei roadshow chooses INESC TEC to make a stop in Portugal

INESC TEC received, on the 23rd of June, the ICT Roadshow of Huawei, an exhibition of two trucks with IP and IT technology in which visitors could get a user experience in Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY and Social Connectivity.

This Roadshow, whose theme was “Building a better connected world”, presented some of the most recent products and services of Huawei, mapping the way to digital transformation. In addition, it was possible to get a deep understanding of Huawei’s ICT strategies, with highlight to six solutions: CloudCampus, CloudEPN, EC-IoT, CloudFabric, DataCenter Infrastructure and Safety.

This initiative gathered more than 200 participants, who had a chance to get to know Huawei’s new technologies, understand their use in several ongoing research projects and even lead off partnership proposals between companies and researchers.

With the purpose of presenting INESC TEC and Huawei, a workshop also took place during the afternoon, in which both institutions had the opportunity to show their work and some possibilities of future collaboration. With the presence of more than 60 partners, this activity allowed, from the very beginning, the creation of conditions for the development of several cooperation processes between both institutions, facing the urgent needs of both.


As the main supplier of ICT solutions in the world, Huawei uses innovative and differentiated technologies in diversified business models all over the industrial sector, creating an ICT platform that is open, agile, flexible and safe. In this new win-win ecosystem, Huawei wishes to hear, share and contribute in order to reach success along with its partners.