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INESC TEC focuses on internationalization with new Service and Office

The progressive internationalization of INESC TEC activities, the expansion to new markets and the identification of opportunities abroad, led the Board of Directors to create a new structure to support international activities, the International Relations Office, and a new office of its dependency, focused on contacts with India - the India Office.

The mission of the International Relations Office is to identify opportunities in foreign markets, attract researchers and facilitate contacts and relations between INESC TEC research groups and foreign researchers.

Under the supervision of this Service are the India Office and the Brazil Office, already formalized in 2014, both with a mediation and cooperation role.

Since last year the India Office has been studying the Indian research and education ecosystem in order to find touch points and identify opportunities. This Office organises acculturation initiatives (such as the Diwali Festival already organised two years in a row), and defines the strategy in order to formalize memoranda of understanding and cooperation agreements.

Contacts were already established with the University of Goa, IIIT Bangalore and TATA industries. The first visit of Indian institutions to INESC TEC is also scheduled for July.

The India Office is coordinated by Vladimiro Miranda (Board of Directors) and is composed of Chetak Kandaswamy (from the Centre of Robotics and Autonomous Systems) and Sandra Nunes Oliveira (secretariat of the Board of Directors).

The mission of the Brazil Office is to organize, in a systematic and regular way, the internationalization process in Brazil, with a special focus on identifying opportunities, negotiating contracts and monitoring projects execution. It is constituted by Vladimiro Miranda (coordinator), Paula Faria (accounting and finance department), Vanda Ferreira (management control), Grasiela Almeida (secretariat) and Solange Francisca Mazzaroto.

The researchers mentioned in this news piece have a link to INESC TEC and UP-FEUP.



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