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EchoCAD-Carotid is an image processing software that automatically measures clinically relevant carotid artery features from B-mode ultrasound images to support atherosclerosis follow-up and management by doctors.

This is the only solution ready to measure arterial features from both near and far walls of the carotid. In detail, EchoCAD-Carotid allows the measurement of Intima-Media Thickness (IMT), the burden and texture of atherosclerotic plaques and the degree of arterial stenosis along the entire field of view of the image. This is complemented with a fine-tune option allowing the physicians to do small adjustments towards more refined and personalised results.

Challenge | Opportunity

Carotid atherosclerosis is an age-related disease and may present no symptoms or other signs whatsoever. Thus, measurement track of the artery blockage using an ultrasound image is the common follow-up method and has to be frequently carried out.

Consequently, there is a stated need for auxiliary tools that provide accurate and faster measurements of plaque and arteries’ characteristics that can help physicians developing correct and personalised diagnosis and their corresponding treatments. EchoCAD-Carotid speeds up the carotid ultrasound, allowing the physicians to dedicate more time to their patients’ care.

Main Advantages

  • Provide a unique solution for plaque measurements and characterisation both in near and far walls;
  • Perform accurate measurements even with lower-quality images;
  • Execute a 1-minute real time computer analysis of an ultrasound image;
  • Detect large, hypoechogenic, and irregular plaques, giving a better insight of the risks it can bring;
  • Automatically measure the IMT of the near wall of the carotid artery, being a solution with a good performance in scenarios of poor contrast between layers;
  • Allow manual adjustments of the automated measures by the physicians;
  • Be compatible with different image file formats (DICOM, PNG, TIFF and JPEG);
  • Integrate easily into different devices;


This software has been developed focusing its application in the diagnosis stage of carotid atherosclerosis by automatic detecting carotid artery layers. Other applications are possible considering the measurement of superficial blood vessels in thrombosis or other peripheral vessels scenarios.

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    Lab prototype (TRL 3-4)
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    <p><a href="">Segmentation of the carotid intima-media region in B-mode ultrasound images</a></p>
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