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Excellence in technology transfer and collaboration with industry 

INESC TEC's mission is to achieve advancement in science and technology and to enable science-based  innovation  through  the  transfer  of  new  knowledge  and  technologies  to  industry,  services  and  public  administration.

As an interface organization , INESC TEC has the capacity to  produce socially relevant results and to transfer them to the economic fabric. The relations with the industry are  crucial and INESC TEC is perceived as a partner of excellence able to provide unique knowledge and  relevant  technology  for  product,  process  service  and  business  model  innovation  in  companies. 

INESC  TEC’s  management  and  operational  model  implements  the  concept  of  the  knowledge‐to‐value  production chain, driving the knowledge generation research activities to their valorisation through a mix of  processes of technology transfer, from technology licensing to collaborative development, advanced consulting  and training and spin‐off launching.

Long Term Partnerships