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Digital twin for manufacturing equipment in industry 4.0

Moreno T.; Almeida A.; Ferreira F.; Caldas N.; Toscano C.; Azevedo A.;

Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering

The manufacturing industry faces a new revolution, grounded on the intense digitalization of assets and industrial processes and the increasing computation capabilities imposed by the new data-driven digital architectures. This reality has been promoting the Digital Twin (DT) concept and its importance on the industrial companies' business models. However, with these new opportunities, also new threads may rise, mainly related to industrial data protection and sovereignty. Therefore, this research paper will demonstrate the International Data Spaces (IDS) reference model's application to overcome these limitations. Following a pilot study with a Portuguese machine manufacturing company, this paper will demonstrate the development of a cutting and bending machines DT, leveraged on an IDS infrastructure for interoperability, for the plastic and metal industry and its importance to introduce this machine manufacturing company in a new B2B marketplace from the EU project Market 4.0. © 2021 The authors and IOS Press.