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PhD candidate at the Doctoral Program in Digital Media (FEUP), Marcela has a M.A. in Communication and Culture (UFRJ, Brazil) and a degree in Project Planning for Digital Media (Senac-Rio, Brazil). Undergraduated in Journalism, she has experience in writing and producing for print news, online, TV and radio. She researches information diffusion in political mobilization networks on social media platforms, with focus on the Brazilian case, from June 2013 to 2016. Her areas of interest are digital methods for social research, text mining and network theory.



  • Name

    Marcela Canavarro Martins
  • Cluster

    Computer Science
  • Role

    External Research Collaborator
  • Since

    15th June 2016


Assessing topic discovery evaluation measures on Facebook publications of political activists in Brazil

Pasquali, A; Canavarro, M; Campos, R; Jorge, AM;

Proceedings of the Ninth International C* Conference on Computer Science & Software Engineering, C3S2E '16, Porto, Portugal, July 20-22, 2016

Automatic topic detection in document collections is an important tool for various tasks. In particular, it is valuable for studying and understanding socio-political phenomena. A currently relevant example is the automatic analysis of streams of posts issued by different activist groups in the current Brazilian turmoil, through the analysis of the generated streams of texts published on the web. It is useful to determine the relative importance of the different topics identified. We can find in the literature proposals for measuring topic relevance. In this paper, we adopt two of such measures and apply them to data sets extracted from Facebook pages related to Brazilian political activism. On top of the analysis, we then carry an experimental evaluation of the human interpretability for these two measures by comparing their outcomes with the opinion of three Brazilian professionals from the field of Communication Science and media-activists. Copyright 2016 ACM.