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ATLANTIS - The Atlantic Testing Platform for Maritime Robotics

Pinto A.M.; Marques J.V.A.; Campos D.F.; Abreu N.; Matos A.; Jussi M.; Berglund R.; Halme J.; Tikka P.; Formiga J.; Verrecchia C.; Langiano S.; Santos C.; Sa N.; Stoker J.J.; Calderoni F.; Govindaraj S.; But A.; Gale L.; Ribas D.; Hurtos N.; Vidal E.; Ridao P.; Chieslak P.; Palomeras N.; Barberis S.; Aceto L.;

Oceans Conference Record (IEEE)

The ATLANTIS project aims to establish a pioneer pilot infrastructure that will allow the demonstration of key enabling robotic technologies for inspection and maintenance of offshore wind farms. The pilot will be implemented in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, and will allow for testing, validation and demonstration of technologies with a range of technology readiness level, in near-real/real environments.The demonstration of robotic technologies can promote the transition from traditional inspection and maintenance methodologies towards automated robotic strategies, that remove or reduce the need of human-in-the-loop, reducing costs and improving the safety of interventions. Eight scenarios, split into four showcases, will be used to determine the required developments for robotic integration and demonstrate the applicability in the inspection and maintenance processes. The scenarios considered were identified by end-users as key areas for robotics.