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Being a teacher at ISEP for more than 15 years and developing work in the field of artificial intelligence, namely, neural networks, applied to the renewable energy sector for more than 5 years, is indeed fulfilling.

But, as it has always been, I was in need of a new challenge.

INESC TEC provided the challenge that I was searching for.

Working in a team with vibrant ideas, embracing new projects and to solve problems is all I ever wanted to do.

That is exactly what I found at INESC TEC affiliated Centre for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (CRAS).

Since I was a young boy that I saw engineering as a problem solving tool, combining knowledge and technology to overcome difficult problems. Although robots are still very far away from my young boy's dreams, we are getting there step by step...

And I don't see any better place to find fresh problems to solve. Do you?!