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Layout optimization of an airborne wind energy farm for maximum power generation

Roque, LAC; Paiva, LT; Fernandes, MCRM; Fontes, DBMM; Fontes, FACC;

Energy Reports

We consider a farm of Kite Power Systems (KPS) in the field of Airborne Wind Energy (AWE), in which each kite is connected to an electric ground generator by a tether. In particular, we address the problem of selecting the best layout of such farm in a given land area such that the total electrical power generated is maximized. The kites, typically, fly at high altitudes, sweep a greater area than that of traditional wind turbines, and move within a conic shaped volume with vertex on the ground station. Therefore, constraints concerning kite collision avoidance and terrain boundaries must be considered. The efficient use of a given land area by a set of KPS depends on the location of each unit, on its tether length and on the elevation angle. In this work, we formulate the KPS farm layout optimization problem. Considering a specific KPS and wind characteristics of the given location, we study the power curve as a function of the tether length and elevation angle. Combining these results with an area with specified length and width, we develop and implement a heuristic optimization procedure to devise the layout of a KPS farm that maximizes wind power generation. © 2019