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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Welding simulator using virtual reality


Work description

The candidate will be involved in the INESC TEC team for the development of an immersive welding simulator, using virtual reality (VR). Welding instructions will be presented to the apprentice, who will have to reproduce the task using the VR system. The VR system will follow the user's movement with extreme precision and will monitor the trajectory of the simulated welding gun. The system will also provide feedback to the learner regarding some technical aspects of the welding process, such as welding torch angle, weld temperature and energy transfer.

Academic Qualifications

Registration in a Master's Course in Electrical and Computer Engineering or related areas

Minimum profile required

The candidate must be registered in a Master's course.

Preference factors

The candidate should preferably have knowledge of C# and the Unity development platform. Familiarity with welding processes, development of virtual reality systems and C/C++ programming in a ROS environment will be valued.

Application Period

Since 02 Mar 2022 to 15 Mar 2022



Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems

Scientific Advisor

Marcelo Petry