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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Underwater Robotics

[Open soon]

Work description

Conceive and develop systems for underwater location based on acoustic processes, with a view to creating adaptive mechanisms that aim to improve the processes of relative location between two or more robotic devices. Implement the developed processes, focusing their implementation on embedded computer systems intended for subsea vehicles or other small robotized devices. This activity will involve the development of dedicated digital systems for signal processing, built on integrated platforms combining CPUs and FPGAs. Validate and characterize the systems developed with field tests and prepare the technical documentation on the systems developed, namely with regard to the characterization of the developed processes. Support the realization of experiments in a real environment and the writting of scientific Papers. Write the grant activity report.

Academic Qualifications

MsC in Electrical and Computer Engineering or other related

Minimum profile required

Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with specialization training involving electronics, digital signal processing, digital systems and computers, with a rating higher than 14 values.Attending Doctoral Program

Preference factors

Previous experience in the development of location systems involving underwater acoustics; Previous experience in designing digital systems for signal processing, particularly for FPGA platforms. Conducting a master's dissertation in an area close to the scope of the work plan foreseen for the grant.

Application Period

Since 27 Jan 2021 to 09 Feb 2021

[Open soon]

Cluster / Centre

Networked Intelligent Systems / Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Scientific Advisor

José Carlos Alves