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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Theory of Programming Languages


Work description

- Detailed review of the literature on quantitative equivalence of programs, with particular emphasis on the hybrid and probabilistic domains. - Introduction of an equational deductive system for a hybrid while-language. - Extension of this hybrid while-language with probabilistic functionalities, and introduction of a corresponding equational deductive system. - Extension of the aforementioned hybrid-probabilistic language with communication and concurrency features, and introduction of a corresponding equational deductive system. - Study of suitable logics for verification of programs written in the languages mentioned in the previous points. - Systematic study of property preservation in quantitative dynamic logic regarding (in)equivalence in these languages. - Analysis of case-studies and in particular the application of the theory developed to cyber-physical systems, followed by writing a report on the conclusions obtained. - Writing of the doctoral dissertation.

Academic Qualifications

PhD student in Computer Science, Mathematics, Informatics or similar

Minimum profile required

- Solid mathematical knowledge, with emphasis on Analysis and Linear Algebra as we will extensively work with differential equations and topology;- 1 paper published in a peer-reviewed conference or journal.

Preference factors

- Participation in research projects and writing of scientific articles; - Good academic performance

Application Period

Since 07 Mar 2022 to 18 Mar 2022


Cluster / Centre

Computer Science / High-Assurance Software

Scientific Advisor

Renato Jorge Neves