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Research Opportunity



Work description

Context: the system consists of a printed circuit board with a microcontroller and 8 antennas, connected by UART/USB to a controller device (e.g., laptop, PC, tablet, etc). The computation pipeline consists of: obtaining phase samples for the 8 antennas -> calculation of phase differences -> incidence angle estimation -> data communication. Various incidence angles allow the estimation of the receiver's physical position in the space. Plan: - Familiarization with the current status of the implementation of an indoor location system based on BLE 5.1 (printed circuit board with array of 8 antennas for receiving BLE transmissions, and embedded software for the Nordic nRF microcontroller family) - Setup of software development environments (Segger Embedded Studio) and software repositories - Considering the computation pipeline, (re-)implement the algorithms of each step in the microcontroller (in C) (based on existing C/Octave code), and characterize the computation time required for each step as a function of the number of samples and adjustments to algorithms. - According to the previous characterization, allocate each pipeline step to the micro-controller, or the master device (e.g., PC), in order to maximize the packet reception rate - At this optimal operating point, implement receiver auto-localization through multiple angles-of-arrival, and determine the localization accuracy (error in meters against the known real position) as a function of the number of transmitters (beacons), period of transmission, and environmental characteristics (position calculation methods already validated by simulation will be used) - (Optional) Integrate machine learning models to estimate placement - Contribute to the writing of a project activity report - Writing of the grant report

Academic Qualifications

Licenciatura in Electrical Engineering, or similar.

Minimum profile required

- experience in software development embedded in baremetal systems (without operating system), with interfaces to external peripherals (through direct control of GPIOs and standard protocols, e.g., SPI)- C/C++ programming experience

Preference factors

- Experience with BLE-based localization systems. - Programming experience using phyton language.

Application Period

Since 02 Dec 2021 to 16 Dec 2021


Cluster / Centre

Networked Intelligent Systems / Telecommunications and Multimedia

Scientific Advisor

Nuno Miguel Paulino