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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity



Work description

- survey the state of the art in wireless networks for underwater environments, with special focus on new approaches enabling broadband communications; - collaborate in the writing of technical reports on communications protocols, algorithms, and mechanisms suitable for underwater communications; - develop a communications module based on the protocols, algorithms, and mechanisms mentioned in the previous item targeting the integration of the module in autonomous vehicles; - write the final activity report of the studentship grant.

Academic Qualifications

Licentiate degree in Electrical Engineering or similar

Minimum profile required

- knowledge in IEEE 802.11 and TCP/IP stack;- previous experience in research and development in the wireless networks domain.

Preference factors

- previous experience in research work; - experience with Linux and C/C++ programming.

Application Period

Since 02 Dec 2020 to 16 Dec 2020


Cluster / Centre

Networked Intelligent Systems / Telecommunications and Multimedia

Scientific Advisor

Rui Lopes Campos