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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity



Work description

- To identify the sources of information for the literature gathering (scientific databases); - To define the search terms and identify the relevant articles for the purpose in question; - To produce a report on the work developed; - To identify use cases of predictive maintenance in the aeronautical industry; - To analyse the information collected and published on predictive maintenance; - To identify where to publish article, structure article with publication and proceed with its writing and submission.

Academic Qualifications

Master in electrical engineering, computer engineering or related field;

Minimum profile required

Experience in the development of predictive models for the aeronautical industry.

Preference factors

Experience in the development of models and "machine learning" techniques. Publication of at least one scientific article published in scientific journals.

Application Period

Since 07 Oct 2020 to 20 Oct 2020


Cluster / Centre

Industrial and Systems Engineering / Enterprise Systems Engineering

Scientific Advisor

Hugo Miguel Ferreira