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Research Opportunity

Searchable encryption

[Open soon]

Work description

When exchanging cyber intelligence information a key issue to address is to enable the use of searchable encryption when performing information searching and sharing. Relevant information is expected to be stored on a node in the premises of each party in an encrypted form. On one side, this will add one level of protection and will offer encryption of stored data. On the other, it may hamper information search, filter and sharing. A suited searchable encryption technique will be selected in order to enable data sharing, remote filtering and searching without requiring access to the clear text information. An asynchronous searching mechanism will enable that a given party could query the other parties' encrypted storages (or nodes) for results that match specific values of selected parameters (dates, IoC, IP addresses,...), never supplying clear text data about such values. The encrypted results will be returned by each node to the querying node that, in turn, will decrypt and use the returned information. A web-based REST API will facilitate the communication between nodes.

Academic Qualifications

Degree in Computer Science

Minimum profile required

Chair of distributed systems, minimum grade 17.

Preference factors

Degree in Computer Science. Design and implementation of distributed systems. International experience in the area.

Application Period

Since 04 Dec 2020 to 18 Dec 2020

[Open soon]

Cluster / Centre

Computer Science / Advanced Computing Systems

Scientific Advisor

António Pinto