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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Real-time tracking using HDR


Work description

Tracking multiple objects, in real time, using computer vision algorithms is a very demanding and challenging task especially when trying to accomplish it in extreme lighting conditions. This project researches and develops new high dynamic range (HDR) algorithms to robustly track and display, in real-time, multiple objects in extreme lighting conditions to deliver a step change in the quality of the information extracted from video data.

Academic Qualifications

MSc in Computer Engineering or related field

Minimum profile required

Experience in:-Audiovisual content Capture-Modeling of 3D realistic models with HDR-C# Programming-Research and Development Activities

Preference factors

Experience in: -MagicLantern -3D modeling,lightning and rendering -Publications in international journals -Work experience on Research and Development environments

Application Period

Since 22 Oct 2019 to 06 Nov 2019


Cluster / Centre

Computer Science / Information Systems and Computer Graphics

Scientific Advisor

Maximino Bessa