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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Power Systems


Work description

Low voltage (LV) grids have increasing monitoring and control needs in order to meet the challenges created by the integration of photovoltaic microgeneration, the presence of electric vehicles, or approaches that increase the participation of the consumer himself in managing the electricity grid, among others. However, the LV grid does not have a monitoring infrastructure that allows real-time observability of assets. In addition, the topological and electrical characterization of LV networks is typically incorrect, or even non-existent, making it impossible to apply common analysis and resource management techniques. Given these challenges, it becomes relevant to explore data, namely those massively collected by smart meters, to develop techniques and methodologies for LV network monitoring and control.

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor or Master degree in electrical and computer engineering, applied mathematics or computer science or informatics or similar.

Minimum profile required

Experience coding in C++ or Python.

Preference factors

Experience in artificial intelligence and data analytics, particularly if applied to power systems. Fluency in English and Portuguese (written and spoken). Experience in the development of APIs via web services (e.g., Rest API). Experience with Docker.

Application Period

Since 12 Jan 2022 to 25 Jan 2022


Cluster / Centre

Power and Energy / Power and Energy Systems

Scientific Advisor

Gil Silva Sampaio