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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Operation of hydropower plants in systems with increased shares of other renewables


Work description

The European commitment towards Low Carbon Economy emerges on the increasing volumes of renewable energy in integration, thus drastically affecting the provision of power grid balancing. In this context, hydropower will be a key player by supporting the power grid balancing. The overarching goal is to demonstrate an innovative methodology for system integration of hydroelectric technology to contribute significantly to the increase of the flexibility of the electric power system.

Academic Qualifications

Integrated Master degree in Electrical Engineering

Minimum profile required

- Advance knowledge regarding steady state and dynamic problems in electric power systems, associated modelling techniques and simulation tools- Fluent in English (spoken and written)

Preference factors

- Experience in power system steady state and dynamic analysis - Advanced knowledge in MatLab Simulink or other simulation tools like PSS/E and DigSilent

Application Period

Since 13 Aug 2019 to 27 Aug 2019


Cluster / Centre

Power and Energy / Power and Energy Systems

Scientific Advisor

Carlos Moreira